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  1. 4/30-5/2 is my prediction window. If it doesn't happen then, I'm not worried about it cuz this WILL happen.
  2. 4/30/17. Just a mix of hunch and Iraq imf history. You know what if it doesn't happen on that date , I'll still be here 5/1/17 cuz I know this is going down. To much going on for it not to
  3. Me too Chuck. I originally thought it would come out over $1.00, but after some of the price adjustments reported, I think Adam is spot on, its going to come out at .10-.20 and climb from there. That works for me. Allow me to become debt free and ride the rest. "Hey debt, go pound sand" Freedom is waiting in the wings.
  4. This is HUGE. I've been in this 12 years and some of the news that is around us at present day is the news I've been waiting for. I think this is it folks. 4/30/17
  5. !0 years, I think that this is what is going on. I really do. 4/30/17
  6. Interesting, new Electricity prices, adjustment in price of mobile phones, hmmmm..something coming
  7. Abadi: There are new pricing in the collection of electricity 12/04/2017 Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, he said there is no new pricing in the collection of electricity since the first of January 2016. The Council of Ministers discussed at its regular meeting today under the chairmanship of Haider al-Abadi, extensively the process of processing power to citizens for 24 hours and to stop the waste, where it was stressed that there is no new pricing in the collection of electricity since the first of January 2016. It was also reduced tariffs for the wages of industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors in addition to the tariff, which started since the beginning of the year 2016 and taking into account the fairness of the poor and low-income and middle-class. A statement to the Office of Abadi, that the collection includes all the provinces, including liberated. The statement said that the face-Abadi support stability in Mosul, in the light of the recommendations of the Advisory Group and the Civil Crisis Management Cell re-opening of the Judicial Council departments and departments of real estate registration in Mosul and the completion of the construction of new camps in order to respond to any new cases of displacement. As the face of securing sufficient fuel for the displaced in the camps, including camps in the Kurdistan region and to re-direct the rehabilitation of roads in the liberated areas and take strict measures not to enter any armed camps and local police shall maintain the security of the camps under the responsibility of the local administration. He noted that the directive to speed up the implementation of water projects for the people of Basra and forwarded for implementation and not to allow any delay as a result of red tape and give top priority to these projects in order to provide water for the people of the province. The face of the Council of Ministers to support the cadres of the fight against terrorism, a budget of emergency in addition to developing federal police support mechanisms because of its significant impact on the victories achieved and in recognition of his heroes of the fight against terrorism and the federal police. Kmassot the Council of Ministers of grades of central appointments in the Ministry of Health through the appointment of doctors and covered by the central appointment of health professions. The voting was also the first draft amendment to the law of Iraqi nationality No. (26) for the year 2006. As it approved by the Ministry of Finance to allocate seven billion dinars from the emergency reserve for the year 2017 to the Ministry of Water Resources for the completion of civil works for pumping station reinforcement of the Shatt al - Rumaitha - Muthanna, installation and operation of vertical pumps and deliver the power supply. sa http://aletejahtv.org/permalink/159485.html
  8. So tempting to go out and get another couple million after todays news. I wont though