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  1. Badge me please.
  2. After the RV, is there a daily limit for the amount of funds that can be requested for withdrawal from our Warker savings account? REDREDRED
  3. birelkart, Thank you for taking time to reply. I will stay focused and patient.
  4. birelkart, I have experienced these same issues for over 2 months. Who did you email to resolve? Thanks, REDREDRED
  5. I opened a Warka savings account over 2 months ago. The ID and Password issued to me has never worked. For 2 months I sent daily emails to the following trying to resolve this issue: (customer service) (Issa's email) Does anyone have other effective contacts or methods that might resolve this issue? Thank you, REDREDRED
  6. I opened a Warka savings account a couple of months ago and was issued an ID and Password for electronic banking. Neither worked. For two months I have emailed the following without any response: (for customer service) (Issa's email address) Does anyone have suggestions to resolve this issue? Thanks, RED RED RED