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    I have a neighbor who is armed to the teeth and swears that Obama is going to declare a state of insurrection and cancel the elections. By using the Inserurection Act of 1807.
  2. Expiration date

    At the top of the page click on the Store tab and then click on Manage purchases. You will be able to see when your subscription runs out.
  3. Picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. I Smell A Rat.

    Just like Trump having millions and millions of dinar.
  5. They do not want to be paid in the worthless dinar. They want to be paid in $$$$. IMO
  6. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama

    Roll Tide
  7. Good to see you bamagirl. Hope all is well in T-Town
  8. Bamagirl

    We miss our Bamagirl. Hope all is well.
  9. Where are you going to move to after it rvs'?

    Orange Beach, Alabama
  10. A CLASS ACT! Brought tears to my eyes!!

    Here is another one.
  11. Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane

    I was stationed in Frankfurt Germany in the late 80's. I saw them in concert in downtown Frankfurt. They played for 3 hours straight. One of the best concerts ever. Was even better that the Kiss concert in the Superdome in 1982.....
  12. If it RVed...where is the rate?

    I am thinking we will get the notification from Adam before it shows up on the CBI.
  13. "will cut 4 billion to billion, which will make a smooth transfer currency" I say One to One will be the smoothest transfer.
  14. Baghdad morning announced the World Bank near launch program “strategic national partnership with Iraq” which will finance various projects worth a total of around 900 million, and aims to strengthen the rules of government institutions to improve their ability to manage financial resources, and strengthening and diversifying the economy and sustainable development, as well as reviving and the development of basic services and social protection network. ” She drew represented the World Bank in Baghdad Maria Helen, through extensive dialogue that was conducted with the (morning), that the World Bank decided to set up the strategy for the conviction full recovery Iraq and out of the crises encountered during the past years. With criticized Helen economic laws in Iraq, which said it was “frustrating and unattractive for investment”, called on the government to “undo” a little bit and make way for the private sector, to take its role and achieve growth rates being able to contribute to the development and construction of the country. confirmed that all financial allocations established by the State to eliminate unemployment, will not achieve its goals without reviving the private sector, which said that he could absorb the unemployed and rates equivalent ratios operating government. On the other hand, revealed Helen for initiating the World Bank to establish a court economical in Basra, aimed at resolving conflicts that exist between companies private investment, domestic or foreign, and between government agencies. hinted Helen that the bank strives to fund projects that could contribute to reviving the national economy fully in Iraq, particularly agricultural and industrial projects and irrigation projects, as well as his efforts in the development of some other services كالمجاري and water and the fight against unemployment, poverty and the fight against illiteracy. World Bank sets $900 mn aid program for Iraq AFP - The World Bank announced Tuesday a $900 million support plan for Iraq aimed at helping the war-ravaged country better manage its human and vast oil resources. The World Bank's four-year support for Iraq, through 2016, will focus on job creation, social inclusion and building stronger institutions, the institution said. The announcement came exactly one year after the last US troops left Iraq, ending the nearly nine-year war that ousted dictator Saddam Hussein's regime and left Iraq shattered. The World Bank said the new program was designed together with the government of Iraq. The support will help Iraq in managing its resources more efficiently and effectively, and promote the diversification of the economy and private-sector growth "for the benefit of all citizens," it said in a statement. "Iraq is opening a new chapter in its long and deep history," said Ferid Belhaj, the World Bank's country director for Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan. "This is a chapter where the people come first and where the immense human potential of the country, its vast natural resources and its strategic location will be central to its socio-economic recovery," he said. Belhaj pointed out the program was the first full country partnership strategy between the World Bank and the Iraqi government. "It will allow the World Bank to align its program of support over the next four years with the government's National Development Plan," he added. The development lender noted that Iraq remains fragile and its economy is dominated by a large public sector due to a legacy of centralization. The Bank strategy will focus on improving governance and social inclusion, particularly the inclusion of women. "Proper management of Iraq's vast oil wealth and human resources, coupled with a conducive and efficient investment climate, will be key to inclusive growth and job creation," the Washington-based institution said.

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