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  1. Questions For Adam's Update 4-18-2018

    Two weeks you were on the edge of your seat. Last week, the hold button was pushed, because of Syria. Where are we this week? Do you this this will have to wait until after the election?
  2. Questions For Adam's Update 4-11-2018

    If this isn’t an over night flip of the switch then isn’t it already starting by the change to be within the 2% or am I confusing two separate functions?
  3. Actions speak so much louder than words. Let’s hope they RV before the elections.
  4. Questions For Adam's Update 4-4-2018

    So it looks like the HCL wasn’t passed. Correct? Is that the only hold up you see? Or do you think this can be pushed through without it? What are the possibilities of before the election?
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 28 March 2018

    Anyone know what’s happening? Did the laws get passed? HCL? Are we closer or did the RV train stall again?
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 28 March 2018

    So do we know if the laws were passed today?
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 3-14-2018

    There seems to be chatter about the National Oil Law. Some are saying it’s not the same as the HCL. Can you clear that up? Also can you offer insight as to where this investment is, right now? What is left to be completed? Are we really as close as some are predicting or are we still years away? Thanks!
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 3-7-2018

    Same questions from last week.
  9. Questions For Adam's Update 2-28-2018

    I see articles posted about the gas law being broken up into smaller sections. True? Is that in our favor? What are your thoughts on the rule that the currency has to stay within the 2% spread for 90 days? any other good news you see?
  10. Questions For Adam's Update 2-14-2018

    Some have said if they don’t get the 100 Billion the RV will be quick.but happen either way just faster without the investment. Do you agree? Did they get the investment they were seeking?
  11. Questions For Adam's Update 2-7-2018

    Help! I don’t see it. Not sure which articles to read or believe. I have no idea where this investments stands. Any insight would greatly help.
  12. Questions For Adam's Update 1-10-2018

    Any rumblings on the HCL?
  13. Questions For Adam's Update 12-13-2017

    What impact does everything that happened over the weekend have on the RV? How close are they to passing the HCL? Do you think they will ever flip the switch and RV?
  14. Questions For Adam's Update 8-2-2017

    Can you clarify: I've read several posts from others and a few articles and I can't determine where we stand for an RV. It all seems like an elusive time. It keeps getting pushed to the future. What are your thoughts? Of course without stating an official date or rate.
  15. Questions For Adam's Update 1-18-2017

    Are they really postponing the possibility of an RV? Does that mean we should look for anything to happen until next year?

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