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  1. Two Granddaughters
  2. Good to hear your "voice" Yes life happens I had my 8th grandson last night a couple minutes before 12..Mom, Dad and Grandson all fine...I'm wiped out ... tell us more soon Adam!
  3. Amen hehe now if we go a little deeper there is also this... As were the prophets of old, each in his time, so was Kim Clement, in our time... and God spoke clearly through Kim and here is His word to you. I miss him, Indeed Kim and I shared much ...For a private time and private conversation ...soon ...in coming days etc
  4. Yup, hundreds, if not thousands of prophecies have already come true and so many even at present day. Revelation chapter 6.6 says a quart of wheat for a dinarius and a quart of barley for a dinar ius & it's referencing the babylonian last empire. 8 years ago that's what convinced me. Iraq will be the head of the Islamic union...which we see Rafidain bank is the head bank lol...and the when speaking about barley and wheat and how it will be expensive that means a "dinarius" a.k.a 1 dinar will have to have value. So you in other words the rv has been coded in God's word for those who can "hear" ....if 1 dinar one day equals 3.8 usd and only buys a quart of a measure of wheat in the days spoken of in the book of revelation....these days we are entering now. Edited 14 minutes ago by WaitIsOver Then there is this also from the "Good Book": Proverbs 13:22 (DBY) A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children; but the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous
  5. I love a good smile in the morning...Thanks everyone
  6. http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/236076-iraqi-dinar-encoded-in-bible-code/#comment-1747770 I think this link will take you to the right spot Miamiheatnic Could you tell me about these biblical signs? I'm just curious about it!
  7. Thank you Adam for your leadership and perspective!
  8. Thanks Doc., I have connections that may be similar to those you mention..Contractors still working and I know you can't say more and thus the one and only rumor post...Do remember folks One of our own did find July as part of a Bible code connected to this year RV, and dinar ... so if it's properly decoded...July could still be more than a rumor mill... Relax folks it will happen and it will happen when the Boss Upstairs decides it will happen. But it will happen. Dr. 1lucdog
  9. Sounding good and now the neighborhood know Iraq has an Army that won't run? https://www.dawn.com/news/1344484/mosul-victory-marks-win-for-pentagon-training-plan
  10. http://www.kuna.net.kw/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=2623273&Language=en
  11. Hi Chuck, Yes that tends to be the way it works, get the new environment tested and working then flip them over. That way if something horrible happens you can then always flip back quickly without much disruption. Not sure if the developers would have been given test data to trial the exchange function or perhaps they are Dinar aware and just having a laugh at everyones expense. Hoping management have shown their hand by mistake!!! My thoughts exactly ... for what that's worth. As always time will tell. So in the meantime better than a cup of espresso
  12. Yes indeed they were delicious now if we could just find the dessert table And a Good evening to you too my friend!
  13. I am using Chrome Yes, it is still there. Do this: I called up www.cbi.iq I then clicked on English (for some reason, I now get error_404 Not Found) I then click on Home Page in the upper left hand corner In the menu bar directly above the currency exchange rates in the table to the far right (there you will see 1,184 IQD = 1 USD), I clicked on statistics There is a "click here" after "For the extended statistics, please" If you look at your address bar, it then shows "http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/page/19" If you then click on "Home Page" in the upper left hand corner and then scroll down................................................... (don't pee in your pants) When you see: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/page/19 in your address bar, click on the "Home Page" in the upper left. If you scroll down................... well, you get the idea! YOWZAH!!! 1.2 IQD = 1 USD!!! Go Moola Nova! Synopsis I followed your trail and you are correct it does go there! HUUUMMM!??? Ok just back from a quick change of clothing And it still works just as you described....I like the thought of both countries having something to celebrate on the 4th and it is that now ... over there .....keeping my fingers crossed and with a clear mind and a prayer on my lips we will wait as usual for the Grand Puba Our hero Adam to send that text