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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Thanks Adam ...And thank you for exploring Crypto in VIP too $!
  2. It says you cannot be messaged
  3. Any insights into specific Companies?
  4. CBI News 01/21/2018

    One more Best wishes for you LGD! May this be your best trip yet around the sun!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 3 JANUARY 2018

    Thanks Adam and Congratulations Lady Graces Dad!
  6. Chuck Finley...I just looked in the mirror and discovered one there...what happened? Back to shaving
  7. Thanks thug and I like your interpretation King bean! I found this : " Abstract—The linguistic element ؟adi is extensively employed in the variety of Arabic spoken in Iraq to aid in communication and facilitate the ..... semester or year." ؟adi gives encouragement and hope for a brighter outcome, hope for future success and for brighter prospects. • Mitigation. What's this? Lessening the load or ..." I say: Please go Right ahead Sir and disrupt my Sunday and go right ahead and lessen our load with the Actions that will give us all future success...It's a good day for that!
  8. Gotta Love it! Thug is so suttle ..He is hard to read sometimes
  9. I sense you are right Laid Back ...Justice is gaining on him and whether it is a big trial or a little lead, I think he and many others are about to be caught.
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    God Bless you C-17 Your wife is in a better place now and will look down "soon" and know you are well cared for...Know she is too! Ditto what Synopsis said!
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    About 4 years back I bought a bitcoin on a long shot...for under $600 ....Why didn't I buy a dozen? I put the rest in dinar...."Soon" I will be happy with both choices I think... Merry Christmas everyone Too "soon"?

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