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  1. 1lucdog

    New 2018 Prophecy

    As I said once before I knew Kim. I know where those 25k's in his hand came from and yes provision has been made to cut off the flow to the corrupt ones. It would seem like Hank is inferring that there will be a great blessing this year whether an RI or RV is part of that ... we will see. As far as dinar, Well be ready any time and be patient all the time...a lot of corruption and corrupt people must be resolved first...But that could be a boom that happens ...overnight..... 35,000 sealed indictments some say are ready to drop and a provision has been signed to freeze and seize the assets of those corrupt ones..... Some Things will go Boom in June. That much is for sure.
  2. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 June 2018

    My thanks too... Adam!
  3. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    Adam, many thanks from the rocket man...not to be confused with the "Little Rocket man"
  4. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Thanks Adam...Hard not to see a tail wagging a dog somewhere in the middle east...always...I am with you Synopsis..Launch ready
  5. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    I think I hear a faint buzz like the wings of a hummingbird preparing to move quickly or was that my cell phone with a text ...And then I woke up. Will the dream continue ? Thanks Adam Livin' the dream
  6. Very Poetic LGD...I concur ...And no you have not lost your bearings
  7. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 Feb 2018

    Thanks for the check in Adam! PS And..Good Luck with the other ventures!
  8. 1lucdog

    CBI News 02/28/2018 Good news on CBI site...No not that good yet....Thanks & Appreciation from SWIFT International.
  9. 1lucdog

    Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Thanks Adam ...And thank you for exploring Crypto in VIP too $!
  10. It says you cannot be messaged

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