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  1. I confuse myself most of the time so it’s no big deal. I don’t think I’ll ever figure any of this stuff out, I’d rather just pay someone to do it, they should know more about it then I ever will 😀
  2. This vip crypto group is different then the regular vip membership? First I’ve heard of it, unfortunately I’m either working,taking care of the family and the house so I can’t spend as much time as I’d like here. Thanks for the info rmc 😀
  3. Is this something we should buy? Like the start of another bitcoin ? I unfortunately missed the boat on that one 🤔😀
  4. Good morning everyone,Franks probably just waking up all hungover on the blue couch having flashbacks from his big screen days 😀
  5. Afternoon skeet and everyone. Anything HCL sounds good to me. 😀
  6. Us heavy set guys can sing pretty good to if it helps 😀
  7. Iraq Will Remain United

    Lol I’m really not sure where I’m gona be if and when this happens but I know I’ll be where the sun meets the warm blue water and the beach has really white sand,I’ll be the one at a tiki hut with a cold drink in front of me, it might be just lemonade but I’ll also have a smile on my face 😀
  8. Iraq Will Remain United

    Howdy PP, getting cold up there yet? I sure hope your right about this bumpy ride coming to an end, this working 12 hrs a day 6 days a week is getting old and my body can’t take it much longer,driving an 18 wheeler around the lovely pothole state of Massachusetts takes a toll on the body so I’m used to a bumpy ride but I’ll just keep doing it until we cross the finish line 🏁 keep hubby warm up there I hear there’s a artic blast gona pay us a visit. 👋
  9. Like most politicians, just collecting a real good paycheck and pensions for doing nothing while the rest of us work for peanuts. I need a job like that, are they hiring? Hopefully before to long I won’t have to work anymore 😀
  10. Happy Sunday Chuck and DV, I just wanted to say from an outsider looking in who drives a truck for a living and takes care of the house and family yada yada yada I personally don't have time to study this whole thing but I am able to watch it unfold , thanks to this web site and it's been amazing watching how professional that Albbadi has been and how he's orchestrated this thing so far and to clean up the corruption that's in that country is truely amazing by itself I just wish he'd start wearing a bulletproof vest because I'd hate to see something happen to him and he's not the only one who has been a true professional, watching how this web site has been run has been absolutely amazing, of course I'll be back at work tomorrow morning before the sun comes up and I'll keep doing it until I get the text from Adam and that's when I think the funs really going to start and without the guidance of this web site and everyone's in put im not sure where I'd be, maybe on Franks purple couch but I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm along for the ride with The DV family. Enjoy your Sunday everyone 😀
  11. Afternoon Chuck,some how I remember going to a few Ozzie Osborne concerts and he definitely was the conductor of that Crain train and we were just along for the ride. Chuck I've been working all day and now I have to make dinner etc etc,in your opinion what's the bottom line here is this good bad or what? One thing for sure hopefully this crazy train ride comes to the end someday soon in our favor but if it doesn't I'll be here till the end,I actually don't have a choice but to keep working but I'd hope that changes soon. Thank u Chuck in advance...
  12. CBI News 09/24/2017

    Punta Gorda is nice,I've been to Harpoon Harry's many times but Florida has many beautiful coastal areas,unfortunately it's been a couple years since I've made the trip down,hopefully that will change soon 😀
  13. CBI News 09/24/2017

    We have a small place on a canel in Bonita springs in between Naples and fort Myers and lucked out with very little storm damage but I love it there , 20 minutes by boat out to the Gulf of Mexico, few hours to the Keyes, 20 minutes to RSW airport, it's not a bad place to be 😀
  14. CBI News 09/24/2017

    Least you don't live in Taxachusetts Chuck 😀
  15. Talk about taking out the trash and cleaning up the neighborhood, it's time to clean out the swamp. I've never liked politicians, they've never actually ever worked a real job and they get filthy rich off us poor tax payers as we bust our humps just make ends meet and have a few bucks left over at the end of the month. It's definitely time for a change.

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