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  1. If Maliki’s so interested in helping Iraqi how about giving that 50 billion back that he pilfered. How much money do these crooks need, his kids kids kids couldn’t spend all that. I’d be happy with a few mill 😀
  2. I haven’t been to publix in years but up north the seafood goes from the ocean to the fish market to your dinner plate not frozen and shipped around the country. I know in Naples Florida there’s a couple New England seafood restaurants , Bills is one of them on 41 headed towards Marco island,that have there seafood expedited over night but as far as bay scallops, we only catch them once a year around October and November when the season opens. 😉
  3. Nothing against you or the Bahamas but the only thing we do with conchs around here is put it on the end of a fishing hook. Someday try fresh bay scallops wrapped in bacon, they have to be bay scallops and not sea scallops and they will melt in your mouth. 😉
  4. Best key lime pie I ever had was at the key lime pie factory in key west and the key lime colada at lazy days restaurant in Islamorada is a pretty tasty cocktail to try,everything just taste better in the Florida Keys except the shellfish we have here in New England all because of the 50 degree Atlantic Ocean, it’s a giant refrigerator keeping the seafood nice and fresh for us to enjoy. I was in Chicago once and we ate at Lawry’s prime rib restaurant, they do cook an excellent piece of meat there, they wheel the cooker right out to your table and cut it right in front of you. If you’ve got the money it’s well worth it. 👌
  5. Read Adams chat for today that will boost your morale up a little bit, suddenly 😀
  6. "Fred"

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    After working 12 hours it’s nice to come home and read all these positive comments from everyone, thanks now carry on 😀
  7. "Fred"

    CbI News 04/05/2018

    That’s a whole lot of meat n potatos there 😀
  8. I’ll take whatever you have left, no sense wasting it 😀
  9. "Fred"

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    I’ll be happy when my bank account gains value, I’m holding on by a thread now 😀
  10. "Fred"

    Off-balance sheet

    Least they’ll get an early start to the work day, by 11 am I’ve already got 8 hrs at work and 3 cups of coffee in me 😀
  11. "Fred"

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    With my bad knees and hip I’m not chugging very fast anymore but hopefully after this ride ends I can get a medical overhaul,in the mean time I’ll just be working and limping to the finish line 🏁 😀
  12. Afternoon everyone, it’s good to see the hcl and the rest of the positive news as of late, we continue to march forward. Hopefully we can close one chapter and open many new ones before to long, only time will tell, until then we wait. Least my view isn’t to bad while I’m waiting 😀
  13. Thank you yota. $50 dollars per citizen sounds rather generous, they get this a month a year or what?? Don’t spend it all in one place 😀
  14. I’m no expert at anything but that sure smells like an HCL , I’ve stepped in enough of it over the years 😀

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