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  1. Can't we all chip in a couple bucks and have this vermin taken care of??? Jethro Gibs could solve this problem with one bullet.
  2. Yes sir,time to put this little brush fire out and move on. We got stuff to do...
  3. Hopefully the boss is cooking up a big pot of RV stew for us tomorrow. I best not drink to much tonight I might send my boss a drunken text with my 2 weeks notice attached to it.
  4. Let's hope they can nurse this thing through before there next vacation....
  5. I was just about to call my boss and give my 2 weeks notice,glad I saw your post. Guess I'll be working a bit longer....
  6. I'm hoping to upgrade before to long.
  7. Jeep I drive a Prius hybrid so I don't even look at the price of gas.
  8. Cook up some popcorn with extra butter sit back and enjoy the show,its gona be a good one...
  9. I'm with you,if this doesn't happen pretty soon I'm going to take another mortgage on the house for a new roof,windows ect,if this hits soon I'll just get a new house but I probably won't be home much.
  10. I think China was just saying there using the sky is falling scare tactics to stop speculators like us from buying anymore dinar. Peace
  11. There's still a few Hillarious supporters on here just taking out there frustrations
  12. Could be an excellent Christmas for everyone involved in this dog and pony show.