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  1. Hopefully there blowing smoke to get us off the RV scent,these 14 hour,6 days a week work days plus coming home and taking care of the home life is really getting old but like everyone I have bills to pay so until this does happen we'll just keep chugging on with very little sleep.
  2. I just put 70 hours in 5 days and still 1 more to go,can I say " take this job n shove it" , Beyond ready for something good to happen. Now I'm ready for a nap before getting up at 2 am for work. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.
  3. Your welcome jeep,let's hope they wrap this up soon with a big bow and ribbon 🎀 so we can all celebrate in style. Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.
  4. I don't know much about anything but I do know it all depends on how u pay for your dinar from exchange of America,if u do a wire transfer it's 980,if u pay with credit card it jumps up to the price you mentioned,I know this because that's where I buy mine from and I've called them about it and they said that's how it's always been,needless to say I do the wire transfer. Just adding my penny's work,I can't afford my 2 cents. Having said all that let's hope this ride is coming to an end rapidly.
  5. I got the same email
  6. The noose is getting tighter. Thank you sir
  7. Your not alone,I'm sure there's a bunch who missed out,like they say woulda shoulda coulda mean while I'm working 70 80 hours a week just to survive and pay high taxes and then I've got the house and family to take care of, hopefully we can eliminate the working part eventually because I need a long vacation.
  8. Hopefully pretty soon that maps going to be all green along with our bank accounts. 😎
  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of politics,no different the the good ole' U.S.A. Trump needs to drain the swap here but that will be a tough road to hoe...
  10. That works for me. Happy Sunday to everyone.
  11. Can't we all chip in a couple bucks and have this vermin taken care of??? Jethro Gibs could solve this problem with one bullet.
  12. Yes sir,time to put this little brush fire out and move on. We got stuff to do...
  13. Hopefully the boss is cooking up a big pot of RV stew for us tomorrow. I best not drink to much tonight I might send my boss a drunken text with my 2 weeks notice attached to it.