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  1. Agreed, Rochester, - eloquently stated, swift and sure, Tillerson is, in my opinion.
  2. Float currency

    Good information, mylilpony - thank you. This makes sense, relative to my overseas exchange experience. And with the other information you supplied, maybe Iraq will be coupling both mechanisms up to + - 2% of a set ER, at least for a while.
  3. Float currency

    I am interested in the definition of 'no more than 2% every 90 days' - insofar as I can see it meaning a one time fixed + - 2% / 90 day adjustment - or - can this mean + - 2% movement throughout the 90 day fixed period. When I lived overseas, I would check rates at the bank throughout the day and take the best rate available at that time. This site has well versed minds regarding al -Alaq's statement / announcement, and I sure would appreciate hearing y'all's interpretation, please.
  4. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Most welcome, Floridian, and much success in your crypto ventures - there's much opportunity to enjoy!
  5. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Got on now, and it is under account - in the Bitcoin portion of your account where you initiate your transfer to another site. Happy Cryptoing!
  6. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Hi Floridian - you should get an 'address' from the Cryptopia site, - and this is what you will use to send your amt of funds from your Coinbase acct that you wish to - and the location is under account, I think. Coinbase is swamped right now and I can't get on site to verify for certain. However, if you continue with challenges, please let me know, and I will assist in any way I can. Much success!
  7. CBI News 11/08/2017

    1.00 / 119 =0.008...
  8. Disappointed

    Wizard, I send healing light to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss.
  9. disappointing that so few nations were represented, according to the videographer's panning of the to substance, his message included an overview and request for humanitarian aid for displaced Iraqis relative to D'aesh, among other things. And yes, he did mention political solution in Syria, and 2 state - Palestinian and Israeli with pre '67 boundaries. Also wants nuclear capability.
  10. I think this may be it, Skeetdog - and there could have been an editing glitch in the original article.
  11. Frankly, the logic in Goat's submission doesn't pass muster with me, anyway. I can't imagine customs 'letting' something pass through simply because the rate was so low. If it were improper, it should not matter at what value - it either is or isn't - my opinion only, of course.
  12. Thanks, Mark and SnowGlobe, for your reassuring responses. I purchased from vendors - DinarTrade and G.I.D., and always felt comfortable with the provenance, - it was just 'through the flowers' of various news articles in the last 9 months or so that I would read Iraqi dignitaries comments alluding to excessive amounts of smuggling and how the country could not support...blahblah - we all read those articles, we've all journeyed a long while, and if in the end, it is my error to have purchased through a vendor rather than a bank, it will just be a bridge I cross then. I always felt my purchases were legitimate.
  13. (So how do currency brokers get their dinar to sale in USA or Europe? They get it mostly from Jordan and Turkey where it is illegally smuggled out of Iraq from corruption. It is allowed to pass thru customs to the USA and Europe because the rate is so low. But I assure you this play money (3 zero notes) was never meant to leave the country of Iraq. Okay enough of this old stuff you should already know….) Should we be concerned with this opinion?

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