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  1. Certainly I have a marginal information base about the larger note (s), especially when compared to the thoughtful opinions expressed here. I do seem to recall that an article or more were presented on forum indicating these larger notes would be used for institutional and commercial trading, which at this point, since the introduction of digital operations, appears redundant, unless one is intended for bank to bank, and the other for bank to brick and mortar business. Does anyone else remember the articles about larger notes that were posted some time ago?
  2. Yes, this is my understanding, also, that tomorrow, Monday, 3.20.2017, is the reset date from last Thursday's postponment. Who knows for sure...
  3. I used to live there - in a different political climate - such a beautiful country with beautiful people and culture - this is so very sad to read, unsurprising, but sad, with the country's leadership in the last couple of decades. I have wonderful friends there, and they are on my mind often - this last year or so, I don't hear from them as often as before - a sign of their time. We have elected a President who I truly believe will do everything in his power to ensure that our countrymen are protected from those who mean us harm. I wish Venezuela had the same concern for its citizens.
  4. He's in there - scrolling through so many of these names, it is very easy to miss one - check about midway.
  5. Totally agree - and the winds of this change will probably blow tumultously.
  6. Thoughtful and resonating.
  7. Oh, geez, Texas Granny, thank you. I was in Methodist Dunn SICU waiting room, - my 2nd home these last months - and it was a room full of people quieted with respect and moved to silent tears, as we watched these services.
  8. When I read this the other day, I immediately shared it on FB. THank you, TG for bringing it here.