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  1. When I heard about this yesterday, my first thought was the software's ability to detect chain of possession, and I am not gifted in tech capabilities. It is logical that it could recognize address and name from a database, but then what? If someone out there has a suggestion, I am eager to learn.
  2. During the president's announcement today - regarding the al Bagdadi raid, it was mentioned that a previous administration said we would have the Iraq war paid for - and we all remember that statement (I know I do.), but the bill to enact whatever measure to do so was defeated by 1 vote. He mentioned the legislator that presented the bill - sorry, I do not recall... however the reason for this post is - does anyone know what reciprocity was intended? I always thought it had something to do with oil credits. I defer to more informed minds here, please.
  3. Good information, mylilpony - thank you. This makes sense, relative to my overseas exchange experience. And with the other information you supplied, maybe Iraq will be coupling both mechanisms up to + - 2% of a set ER, at least for a while.
  4. I am interested in the definition of 'no more than 2% every 90 days' - insofar as I can see it meaning a one time fixed + - 2% / 90 day adjustment - or - can this mean + - 2% movement throughout the 90 day fixed period. When I lived overseas, I would check rates at the bank throughout the day and take the best rate available at that time. This site has well versed minds regarding al -Alaq's statement / announcement, and I sure would appreciate hearing y'all's interpretation, please.
  5. Most welcome, Floridian, and much success in your crypto ventures - there's much opportunity to enjoy!
  6. Got on now, and it is under account - in the Bitcoin portion of your account where you initiate your transfer to another site. Happy Cryptoing!
  7. Hi Floridian - you should get an 'address' from the Cryptopia site, - and this is what you will use to send your amt of funds from your Coinbase acct that you wish to - and the location is under account, I think. Coinbase is swamped right now and I can't get on site to verify for certain. However, if you continue with challenges, please let me know, and I will assist in any way I can. Much success!
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