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  1. [quote name='andy3978' date='23 January 2011 - 01:35 PM' timestamp='1295807703' post='357169'] its doing nothing different than yesterday. 7:17 [/quote] [size="3"]It's not doing anything [i][b]right now[/b][/i], because Forex doesn't trade currencies over the weekend. Look at it again after the market opens, and you'll see that it is actively trading as it was Thursday and Friday.[/size]
  2. This is HUGE news! It's not the current value that's important. Forex changed the IQD yesterday - instead of it being a static "pegged" amount, it's now floating. There was a great chat very late last night on "another" site by Joe P where he explained that the Forex systems are pinging the rate back and forth. Last night the IQD experienced more activity in a few hours than it normally has in 4 days. Now all they have to do is drop in a new rate
  3. Thanks for you help!!

  4. [color="#483D8B"][size="3"]I don't know who wrote this email that was sent to you, but it's extremely well thought-out and covers all of the issues that have been holding up the RV. We may not like hearing that there are still housekeeping issues that parliament has to vote on, but knowing what's left on the list is better than not knowing. Thanks for the post![/size][/color]
  5. This article was published 2 years ago. This site automatically populates today's date when you pull it up, making it look like it's a new article. No news here, but thanks for posting
  6. [quote name='behaviorkat' date='30 December 2010 - 10:42 AM' timestamp='1293723765' post='321543'] I heard the FDIC insured funds do not have to be paid back for 90 years---- but that could be a rumor [/quote] That's a rumor and completely untrue - the FDIC will pay immediately
  7. [color="#483D8B"][size="3"]Yes, and he jacked up the price he'll pay if you want to sell it back. Supply and demand - supply is getting tight and the price he pays is going up. Sounds like an indication that the RV isn't far away![/size][/color]
  8. [color="#800080"][size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Linda - we miss your positive attitude and your sassy southern drawl in chat! Many prayers are being said for you, and we're all looking forward to hearing from you soon.[/font][/size][/color]
  9. [color="#483D8B"][size="3"]Why are people giving Curious negatives votes - he's just the messenger! He's not Okie, for crying out loud! Somebody help me get him back to neutral, at least. And let's quit bashing the people who are willing to bring info here, whether you like the message or not.[/size][/color]
  10. [color="#800080"][size="3"]It's my understanding that the wholesale price has gone up, because the supply is dwindling. It's a very good thing, be happy![/size][/color]
  11. [size="3"][color="#800080"]Merry Christmas to you, Krash! Thank you so much for the sacrifice you're making over there. Your loved ones must be very proud of you, and are counting the days until they have you home, safe and sound. May God bless you and your loved ones![/color][/size]
  12. [quote name='zantac' date='23 December 2010 - 06:09 PM' timestamp='1293145798' post='312875'] [color="#FF0000"][size="5"][/color] [size="5"]THAT SHOULD BE PLACED IN A CHRISTMAS CRACKER AS THE MOST LAME ASS DUMB EXCUSE OF 2010. I WILL REFRASE IT FOR YOU. IT DIDNT EXIST NOR DID I READ IT I JUST MADE IT ALL UP[/size][/size] [/quote] [color="#483D8B"][size="3"]Med has a great deal of credibility, unlike some people who have posted here. If his computer crashed and he wasn't able to retrieve every last document, so be it - but give him the same benefit of the doubt that has been given you.[/size][/color]
  13. [quote name='tuxunder' date='22 December 2010 - 01:48 PM' timestamp='1293043681' post='310905'] Just because Shabs said it doesn't mean it will happen, pols say things all the time that never come to pass. [/quote] [color="#483D8B"][size="3"]Just wondering - if you don't think it will happen, why are you here?[/size][/color]
  14. [quote name='quadraph0nic' date='22 December 2010 - 05:32 AM' timestamp='1293013953' post='310360'] someone else shared this article....i forget who but they get the credit for sharing here is the link to the article http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.alitthad.com/paper.php%3Fname%3DNews%26file%3Darticle%26sid%3D23590 now click print friendly page and it will show you the date of the article. This is an old article... not really surprised just disappointed....another dip in the roller coaster ride i guess... [/quote] It was written just a few weeks before the elections. I'm sure he didn't expect it to take until December to get the GOI formed, but nonetheless, he's stated several times that his intentions are to revalue the dinar as soon as the GOI is seated. Thank God we're finally there!
  15. [quote name='Mojo' date='14 December 2010 - 03:37 PM' timestamp='1292359031' post='300908'] Heres what i pulled from the WF site in the Q & A section Why are rates quoted on your site different than those I see elsewhere? Rates quoted in newspapers or other media aren't usually available to the public. These rates are typically wholesale rates available on amounts of $1 million USD or more, transferred electronically between banks. Also they dont even show the IQD so why is this important Just asking [/quote] This is important because many people believe the Iraqi dinar will revalue just under the Kuwait dinar - the higher Kuwait is, the better for us!