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    Joe's Bar & Grill
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    Harleys, Poker, Women, Dinars.
    Things about me,
    Leaving Afghanistan!
    I'm an Ol' Fart
    Single, need a woman to hug me.
    Don't like dust, sand or rocks!!
    Must be from being in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!
  1. Haven't been on for awhile, but decided Afghanistan can kiss my big toe!! I'm going home to retire!!! Possum, when I get home I'm still writing your name in for president!
  2. THIS IS NO RUMOR: Can't wait for the RV, going home!!!
  5. A Scam: When your girlfriend tells you she loves you from 7000 miles away and she has another boyfriend in bed!! Thats a scam!
  6. Another story and day without an RV!!!
  7. FRANK! Come to the dark side, we have cookies!!!!!
  8. Hi Folks, I haven't been on in a very long time but have a few minutes to say HEY to everyone. I'm going on R&R and will have a great time. Food thats not over cooked, eggs that are overeasy, bacon thats crispy and real milk thats not in a cardboard container. I want to mow my lawn, not walk on rocks and dirt, look at pretty woman, hear the roar of my Harley, drive more than 15 MPH and have many cold ones! If the Dinar would of taken off last year I would of been home suggled up to my new wood stove and making love to my recliner while the TV watched me sleep for a few days! Anyway, eve
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