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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Use your head!!!!!!!


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Well I see several folks up in arms over one persons decision to back away from the dinar world. Then I see someone jump all over Keepem's hind quarter because of his posts. Then a few are jumping ship and taking cheap shots on their way out the door, and I cant quite follow the reasoning for it.

You should first ask yourself are you here for everyone else or for yourself and your investment. Buisness is buisness and friends are seldom kept in that enviornment.

Second you should be open and honest enough to take on all comers with their information even if you dont agree with it because you might just learn something.

Third be glad that there is a site like this with intelligent individuals willing to share their insight and their time, effort, and investment knowledge like Adam has done. Where would you be otherwise? Because a great many of you have never had your own buisness and dont understand what it takes to make one work. Step back and take a look at what you have gained from this sight and the FREE info given out here.(Believe me the nominal fees you pay for Adams books and the VIP area will teach you more REAL information, non guru garbage than you can pick from any other site I have found.)

I for one will be sorry that Scooter made the choice to leave as he is obviously a very well informed individual and has shared some great intel with us, but he is full grown and can make his own decisions. Keepem stay with it buddy I don't agree with most of your posts but I always learn something from your posts, or at least see a differnt angle I should look at so I can make my own decision.

As for the rest of the children, sit down, be quiet unless you have something useful to contribute because class is still in session and you are distracting me!:angry:

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Love it MrGrizz44! To think that there are those willing to be banned from VIP for an emotional cause of such dismal magnitude on the illusion that all of Adam's VIP post RV info is made you find out you are wrong about that you are going to wish you had more legs to kick yourself with!!! Going to be a very costly decision in my opinion. GO RV!!! cool.gif

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We are all here for the investment and the best informantion we can get so we may make reasonable decisions on this investment - blessing. There is not room for ego's and drama. Let's just all ride this wave and make the best of what we have and hope and pray it all woks out for the best. These P*****G contest over who is the biggiest dog with the baddest bite just don't fly. I did like Scotter's informantion and will miss his post. Adam has always been straight up as far as I am concerned. So, all that is left with our D.V. family, I say forward and onward. Just a opinion form a Alabama Redneck.

Go R.V.

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