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  1. Headed to Maine for a lobster feast next Monday for 3 weeks. Can't wait.
  2. I second that! N.Crawford you are true idiot!!!!!!
  3. It would be my pleasure. I love Journey!!!!!!!
  4. This will make me change my mind about ever purchasing this nasty rag for the future!!!!!! What a bunch of CRAP!!!! :angry:
  5. Your amazing!!! Move here and deal with our politics. And then I can hear what you have to say......
  6. Villarigosa is a arss and anyone with some balls would know that. And of the rest of Barney rubbles fools like boxer and finestine. Man what a bunch of crap.
  7. Off topic post. What part do you not understand????
  8. I'm sorry not!!!! I call bull on this!!!! He has to go an build a library that I won't visit!!!!!!!! Opps I meant we will have to pay and build that darn library for him. When is this country going to wake up!!!! I even had a debate about politics with a guy that won't even vote! I need some sleep.
  9. Really!!!! We're you getting your info for such a outrageous comment? At least we know where you stand.
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