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Comment from Iraq gov spokesman on TV this am

freaky frank

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I just saw (730am cst) a commentary from Al Jazeer TV news caster interviewing an Iraqi. gov spokesman from bagdad, He said the protestors are not out of control. He said that some of the protestors are throwing rocks but it is just a few people, for the most part they are non violent. He said that they have deployed riot troops to protect the people from possible Al Queda attacks, but none so far, the gov, has strict orders to protect the people of Iraq and they are completely with them and will not retaliate ageist them. The gov spokesman did say that there were some sort of ant protest in I think he said Mosul, ageist the governor, but he did say anything more. Well that is all that transpired from that interview, nothing was said about meeting any demands or anything like that, THIS INFORMATION IS 100 % TRUE and FACTUAL, Not that great of news but at least I did see something on tv this morning, hope this is good news. Go RV

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Smoke... Hey US... Iraq is crazy.. They are killing everyone.. you should stop buying dinar.

They are killing everyone? And you know this how? Any type of link? Sure it's bad, but from what I am hearing it could be much worse. Iraq will still be standing when demonstrations are over. Hopefully the GOI gets the message and does something.

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