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  1. umbertino, I hope all we have to do is pity you. If this president has his way, hell, we'll be joining you.
  2. I filled up on 3/4/11 for $3.25. I'd bet though that it is higher now. Why are no politicians screaming for O to start allowing oil drilling in the Gulf. Why is there no outrage for this country continuing to NOT drill for our own oil. The one argument that always pisses off is "Even if we did, it would not be online for years" Well hey STUPID, YEARS have now passed. We are going to have to raise the pressure on all our politicians. This is F*****g ridiculous. Call, write, email. Do it now and do it often. These idiots don't pay their own fuel bills. They either don't understand or the don't care. I am writing all of them today. Both state and national. Please JOIN me.
  3. Sometimes True Freedom can be Ugly. But I'd be willing to bet that the alternative will be MUCH WORSE. I do not agree with what they do but they are citizens of this country and therefore have the same freedom of speech as you and I. I think the SOTUS got it right on this one. Wealthy citizens will come in and cover the family's cost so that will help somewhat. These so-called Baptist church members are the ones who need prayer. They are pretty screwed up in my opinion. I also offer my thanks and prayers to all who have served and those who are serving to keep these freedoms for us all.
  4. The people that elected them are not the ones who are going to be laid off. Trust me. The cowards that want to hide from their job because they don't like the result of the previous election should be ashamed. They should get their butts back to their capital and do their job. Elections have consequences. I have heard that crap for the last two years with the idiots in Washington so now they need to eat their own medicine. Do their job and prove their case at the next election. If it is so bad simply undo it when they win.
  5. Oh, that's right, NY Times articles are always so reliable and true.
  6. Hey truckdriver, The Dems had a lot to do with it but the Wall Streeters raped it for all it was worth. They are all f*&^%$*g crooks.
  7. "greed induced hoping to get rich disproportionately to investment" scheme, but not "get rich quick". Now that's funny. Great post.
  8. My first order was June 1, 2006. I found out about it online. I sure wish I had ordered more. They were $720 per million then. I figured then it was at least a 10 year deal. I honestly thought very little about them for the next 3 and a half years. I then was at a seminar in Dallas TX and overheard three others talking about dinars. I confirmed with them that they were talking about IQD. I then found this site and others. I have since purchased more at $900 per million. 2010 sucked greatly. Hopefully 2011 will make it all worth while. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am so ready for this ride to be over.
  9. I tried to sign up on their website and it said I had to enter my name in four parts. I don't have a fourth name. What's up with that?
  10. Jericho, I recall someone posting a link similar to that in the past but I don't remember ever actually hearing it. I say that it won't change the outcome whether you talk to Clark Howard or not. It may however diminish your spirits if he doesn't know anything. I would also guess that you are not the only one to ever consider this.
  11. I've seen that type of email in the past. Just more crooks.
  12. Very weird indeed. If you click on the trades tab in the new window it shows 24/01/2011 trade at 1165.50 and then a 25/01/2011 trade at 1.3665. Very odd.
  13. You said it yourself. No reason. Not because of political speech. Not because of cross-hairs on maps. It was JARED LOUGHNER'S fault and JARED LOUGHNER'S fault alone!!!!
  14. I believe the general consensus here is to only do a reserve order if you know for a FACT that you will have the balance before the end of the 30 days. If you are going to risk losing your 10% it is better to just use the amount the deposit would be to just purchase that amount worth of dinar. 100k in dinars is better than losing your deposit for not having the balance due. I hope this helps.
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