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Ok so I have been lurking these forums for a while now and finally after all this time I actually have some info to contribute.. So with that being said I have to say I got this from a source who I trust very very much.

Ok so A friend of mine who has mom who talks with a guy who has a daughter who works for dish network, well this girl who works for dish network talks to a guy there who said that he knows a person who works at a prison who has a son that works for a bank and well supposedly this guy who works at the bank has connections with some very high lvl ducks and turtles in Iraq. (He talks to them on a daily basis!!)

well to make a long story short these ducks only fly a certain direction when they feel a RV is happening.. The turtles are a bit more conservative with there actions but even they say They talked to a friend of theirs who is a fox who knows a bear who works in a opium field in Afgan who said that tyler moore just bought some herion AND get this DINARSS!!! OMG!!!

so anyways what I get from this Intel is this.. Tyler Perry is really Madena and the RV will happen next monday!!!

This is serious Stuff guys!!!

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