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  1. Thanks everybody!! I've sold the dinar.
  2. Thanks Haymon. I've thought of you guys often! Diver, I got your message and just sent you an email. Thanks!!
  3. I have 4 million dinar in uncirculated condition. I would like to sell for $950 per million. I will throw in an extra 50k at no extra cost. All were purchased from Dinar Trade and will come with accompanying certificate. Total would be $3800. I will accept either a face to face transaction (Norman/Oklahoma City, OK) or payment by a verified paypal account. They will be shipped insured with all tracking, confirmed delivery, and insurance.
  4. ****mod edit: user has quit the site, post edited, closing thread****
  5. shiFT, I sent you a message as to why you were put on mod preview. You apologized and told me you would not use the word "retarded" again, and the next day I found you using the same word again. I upped your warning level (which was already at 8, so you are not lily white) to a 9, and told you I was putting you on 48hour mod preview to see if you could live up to your word. Your preview will be done shortly. Please try to live up to what you promise. ~uppy
  6. Thank you for your apology. I appreciate it. That is my buzzword and gets my hackles up every time. All the racial and sexual slurs are univerally abhored. This is one of the last bastions of discrimination and I've made it my life's work to bring attention to it. I'm sorry, shiFT, that you were the one in my sites this time. I'd seriously love it if you (and everyone) looked at the PSA done with Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter from Glee:
  7. Shift, I have a 19 year old son with Down syndrome and I take offense at your comment! Just taking a personal moment to say this, "Watch what you say because you never know who is listening."
  8. If you bought from Ali don't you have some kind of certificate that came along with the dinar? I think that would be satisfactory.
  9. Since the links are broken, I went dumpster diving (other dinar sites ) and have a different take on what Kaperoni says is this statement: "The article states that the new denominations will reach up to 100 Dinars." What the first translation reads is that the new denominations will equal $100 USD. Would that make it a 100,000 IQD bill? The article doesn't reference any other denominations which could endore this alternate interpretation.
  10. Thanks easy, but this was posted yesterday. I just wish the links worked!! I want to read the articles too.
  11. I'm throwing this out there as a back end perspective on this interpretation, and doing so as a VIP member who has also joined Adam in his post-RV plans. I believe Adam has connections in this investment, including one insider at the CBI, and I am wonder why he would spend so many $$ and so incredibly much time getting together the post-RV investment advisors, lawyers, security teams, etc. if there were not a high liklihood of an imminent revaluation of the IQD? I realize that many of you may not see all of this since it is not in evidence here in the regular forum. Please don't think me a Kool Aid drinker, or an Adam groupie. I have done my due diligence too, and have just made the decision that I believe Adam's plan is the most efficient way to manage my profit resulting from this "speculation." Now you may bash at your will.
  12. I hate how much this perspective makes sense! Just kidding. You know, it's been at least three months since we heard Shabs or Saleh saying they were NOT going to issue a $100k bill. I vividly remember Shabs assuring this in December particularly. These guys are the kings of the misdirect. Well, I guess we won't be buying our beach condo THIS July 4!
  13. Do you speak Arabic? Kurdish? Are you relying on Google Translate for for the terms "remove the 3 zeros" or "redenominate"? Specific words often do not have a precise equivalent in other languages. I am leary to specifically rely on wording in a translated document. Just sayin'.......
  14. Saleh is the master of talking out of both sides of his mouth! He contradicts himself at least once every statement!!
  15. I think they'll be put out before the "change" because it helps the citizens to get used to them and to get them into the circulation when they then announce the reval.
  16. Do you feel the same if the redenomination concerns only the 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 dinars? Current Iraqi currency according to CBI
  17. Adam has told the mods he will be traveling all week on business and cannot schedule another chat until next Wednesday. Other than that, he cannot see and respond to all threads on the board. That's why you have us!
  18. Just Hopin: The following is a cursory glance at the six nations which comprise of the GCC and how it compares to Iraq. The six nations which is made up of Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia indicate exchange rates ran...ging from about $0.27 USD upward to $3.61 USD and averaging $1.61 USD. The economic indicators primarily reflect conditions as of 2010. The grid offers some indication of the strengths of the GCC union and how it collectively compares directly to Iraq. Each economic indicator and the GCC country which compared the closest was extracted and then summarized below. The eight indicators provided an overall average exchange rate of $1.98 USD and a median exchange rate of $2.60 USD. By comparison Oman compared closest overall with similarities in Debt to GDP ratio, Inflation rate, and Global Exports. The economic profile is not empirical evidence of a future exchange rate and is subjective to opinion. However it does promote the theory of a future revaluation as Iraq’s GCC neighbors each have an exchange rate of $0.27 USD to $3.61 USD. As demonstrated by the economic profile Iraq fares equal to or better than its Middle East counterparts. Here's the link to spreadsheet. Click on "View Document" to see full size:
  19. Good questions. Would you remember to add this to the "Questions" thread for next Wednesday's chat?
  20. When I finally SEE these new denominations (1-100), then I'll really believe we're on the cusp of this. I think there are a lot of positive articles and rumors floating around. But those who have been invested for a while are used to the ebb and flow of talk. As I posted a picture earlier this week "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!"
  21. I think maybe the purpose to release the small denoms before the adjustment is so they are readily available and accepted for use when the change happens. Does that make any sense?
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