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  1. I don't want to be negative but I'm still concerned about the possibility of them closing the borders and only accepting in country dinar. Regardless, it's exciting news for Iraq.
  2. Thanks Hope! Goblue.....WOW?!?!?! This dinar vet site really is a slice of America for better or worse.
  3. I just talked to a friend who's daughter was sent from Iraq to Hawaii three weeks ago...after spending a year fighting in Iraq. According to her mom, the daughter said things were far worse off Iraq than a year ago. She said the instability and fighting are more extreme than the news here portrays. I'd like to hear peoples opinion. If this is true is Iraq really in a position to RV in the near future? Would the RV create more stability or does the stability need to come first? It seems like we're hearing a lot about companies ready to invest in Iraq and RV's about to happen. Somehow I was thinking that meant things were looking better for the people of Iraq. Would like others opinions. Thanks!
  4. HELLLLLOOOOO....we're onto all you $3+ BS artists. Give it a rest!!!!!
  5. I'm not a long timer but long enough. The ups and downs drive you nuts at first and then after awhile you stop taking dates seriously. Or at least I did. Oh...and it's best to stay out of rumors and ignore anything that relates to Okie and his compadres.
  6. Are you serious? What ever credibility you may have had is gone with ridiculous comments like this. Why so defensive anyway?
  7. "Listen to what Michelle Bachman has to say about Iraq"...Is this a joke?
  8. Glad to see Bondlady's posts are making there way over here. I appreciate the current news she gathers and her take on it. I'm also really glad to see Keeps coming in the clear again. The situation seemed like it got out of hand quickly with no real reason for it. I appreciate his knowledge and opinions. Keep it coming Keeps!
  9. Keep...thanks for your stand on why a lop could happen. Bummer!...Just what I didn't want to hear. My hopes is that someday soon I'll truly understand this dropping three zeros situation. I read what Bondlady says and it makes sense then I ready what you say and it makes sense. I hope soon I understand all this enough to take a stand. I do enjoy taking a stand! However, being an artist who's lowest grade in college was in might be awhile:-). At least I'm smart enough to stay neutral, keep my ear open and my hopes in check...until I'm wiser on the subject...or richer in spite myself:-) I want to say thanks to you people who really get this and will openly share your knowledge and opinions!!!
  10. Thank you BondLady! That is what I was hoping to hear you say. Thank you Keep for answering my question as well. I appreciate it! For now we wait patiently...and I for one continue to try to get a grip on what all this mean:-)
  11. Actually Keeps I'd like your opinion on this as well. Where do you think we're sitting with our investment should this whole dropping of three zeros happens? I think it would be interesting to hear both yours and Bondlady's honest opinions on this. I know it's this is not a popular stand at DV but I can't see the harm in hearing both opinions. Are you serious?!?!?! Let me know someone in Iraq.
  12. Carello you might have taken a look at Keeps member reputation before you went off about his communication....way surpasses most others in his overall standing. I just looked and he's way over 2000 pluses. What's the big deal in his asking Bondlady how deleting zeros benefits us. I actually don't understand this myself and I'm not a lopster. I would love to hear from Bondlady where she thinks this really leaves us investors should this all play out with the deletion of zeros. I totally respect her hard work and great info and would love to hear her input on this.
  13. Why all the negs for Keep? I find it refreshing to have someone come from a different and what appears to be logical view point. If he's right we can thank him for not allowing us to keep our heads in the sand and giving us fair warning. Let's hope when Iraq flourishes we benefit as well....but I for one want to maintain some balance in the process. Thanks for the insight Keep.
  14. Lov'n the new format! Lots of great straight forward rude interruptions. Thank Adam!!!
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