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  1. To Warka Bank for investment & finance j.s.c The commission presents their regards, Reference your letter number 892/8 on the 15th March 2011. The content of your letter was insufficient because it did not include disclosure for the following: 1- Stated the amount claimed by Asia Cell Co deposited in the account being open in your bank which was issued under which the court’s ruling. 2- Mentioned aspects of the appeal submitted by the bank against the court’s decision. 3- Clarify the statement “bankruptcy is not a legal question” as the laws generally allow the creditor to demand a
  2. Hey guys I know Jeff and he wants all of us ready for when it does RV. They won't have time to answer every ones questions so he want us to be ready. I think it's great that he is thinking ahead of the game. I got mine today also and I will use him when it does RV. Jeff and all at TD great job! I know it looks like it's not going to RV anytime soon but I feel that it will. Remember they really are running out of time to RV and look where oil is at now, Over $100 a barrel. RV Party in Tampa Bay area when it does go..
  3. Al-Maliki sacks deputy education minister 3/2/2011 9:53 PM BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki decided on Wednesday to sack Deputy Education Minister Ali al-Ibrahimi, al-Iraqiya satellite channel said in breaking news. The website aired video of al-Ibrahimi, during which he attacked teachers. **** What the heck is he doing????
  4. ARBIL / : Prime Minister of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Barham Saleh, on Wednesday expressed his government’s readiness to step down if this would solve problems in the region. “I will not hesitate to present my resignation if this would solve the recent problems in the region,” Saleh said in an interview with a Kurd newspaper. “Despite the government spent only one year, we managed to achieve serious progress in reforms and reconstruction fields,” he added. Thousands of protesters went to street last Thursday (Feb. 17) calling for better services and living conditions and fighting corruption
  5. Some people just have no clue and I have no clue how he found out about this investment. lol
  6. I'm with you on that. Work my butt off and get crap for my work. I can't wait...
  7. It's so nice to come back from lunch and see great news but we need to wait to make sure it's a finale thing. Iraq works almost backwards and it's crazy. Yes I think when the GOI is seated we will see an RV. Time is running out because more and more people are on the street wanting change for their country. I've been waiting for a long time for this and now I see light at the end. Sonny it's good to see you on again, it's been a while. We are still going to have an RV party in the Tampa Bay area when it goes. -30 and counting for RV!! Sonny do you think the same?
  8. It's funny to see you guys go back and forth with this crap!!! UN will print out when a country will RV! If they did let me see that list so I can make even more money..
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