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Thursday Night Opinions - 10:35 PM MDT - 4/11/2024


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Pimpy  I read this book [Quest For Good Money]...I kept playing with the numbers, reading my ass off... This is the formula they use [to determine the exchange rate]... The person that wrote the book said if they can get their inflation down, at it is down,...and they can catch up to their dinar price parity should be at the pre-war rate...which is over $3.00 So I did the formula based on all the information they gave me, it came out to $3.56...I said wow, that's going to be phenomenal ...that is worth getting excited about ...The study does tell you that there's no reason Iraq can't be the most valuable currency out there... The question is always going to be whether they re-denominate or not. :twothumbs: It sounds like Pimpy has had his eyes opened a bit by this book.


Sandy Ingram  In Zimbabwe, the new currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZIG) will be circulated alongside foreign currencies.  Banks have to convert their current Zimbabwean dollar balances into the new Ziggy currency which will go into effect immediately.  People have 21 days to exchange their old notes and coins for new ones. It is expected the new currency will have a profound impact on inflation... The new currency is anchored by a composite basket of foreign currency and precious metals, mainly gold... The ZIG has denominations between 1 and 200.


Militia Man  Bottom line is Iraq has about $16 to $17 trillion worth of product in the ground (Plus Natural Gas) that they know of and they're going to go after it...:twothumbs:


Clare  Article "Disclosure of Iraq's creditors internally and externally" Quote "On April 8, the Iraqi government announced a reduction in external public debt by more than 50%, bringing the debt down from $19.729 billion late. in 2022, to $15.976 billion in 2023, reaching approximately $8.9 billion in the current year." :twothumbs:


Paulette  IMO, UN resolution 1483 will have to be lifted to allow Iraq to be totally sovereign as it established the US and UK as "occupying forces"...This is in essence "Guardianship" or "Receivership"...Absent the lifting, the US has to give Iraq permission to do most anything Internationally including "currency reinstatement...I am hopeful that internal control of the money structure is exclusively in the hands of the CBI so they can at least move to the RD/RV stage of their monetary reform... If not, the upcoming US visit of Sudani may very well be pivotal... Saleh recently stated he was unsure of the status of 1483 according to news articles...



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There are some rumors going around...OBiden already put the US on China standards, CHIPS & BRICS.   The US is back on the Gold Standard & the USD is Digital.   


These were some of the sticking points holding up the GCR-GESARA, if these rumors are true.   


If true, this will facilitate Sudani's Washington visit on Monday that much smooter.   

Go RV.



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