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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

China Will Jump Start The Reset (GCR).


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Here's two articles of Dinarian interests...

It appears China will jump start the GCR.

Treat as rumors.  Not verified.  Your opine.




FROM OTHER SOURCES:               China’s Economic RESET Begins, Argentina Faces Bond Collapse, BRICS Challenges The USD.

ARTICLE:  China just declared their GDP target for 2024 & the West is losing their minds.

Here's why China's plan for economic growth is all about building their industrial base & why many investors are still upset.

Argentina on the other hand is facing the risk of a bond collapse, their plan to sell more debt is starting to backfire.

BRICS just came out with a new challenge to the USD & it's tied to the blockchain.

Timestamps & Chapters:



FROM OTHER SOURCES:                    In 4 Days EVERYTHING Changes For The USD, Putin & China Are Ready.

ARTICLE:   The USD is facing a major challenge that could undermine its status as the world's reserve currency & the dominant medium of exchange in the global economy.


The next 15 days hold profound implications for the future of the USD & the broader landscape of global finance.  It also coincides with the end of the Bank Term Funding Program, which could lead to additional financial instability & Russia & China are making moves that could worsen things.

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FROM OTHER SOURCES:                    In 4 Days EVERYTHING Changes For The USD, Putin & China Are Ready.







Yippeee...we only have to wait another 4 days...I have time to order that new truck, and shop for a bigger house!   

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Here's an articleof Dinarian interests....US & EU banks are collapsing while Iraq banks are prosperous...



FROM OTHER SOURCES:  During 2023...7 Iraqi Banks Break The Barrier Of 1 Trillion Dinars By The Amount Of Their Deposits.


ARTICLE:  Five Iraqi banks managed to exceed the trillion Dinars barrier with the size of their deposits in 2023, while only two Iraqi banks were able to break the barrier of 2 trillion Iraqi Dinars by the size of customer deposits with the two banks.


“The International Development Bank & the National Bank of Iraq were able to break the barrier of 2 trillion Dinars with the size of deposits in 2023,” said the economist, Manar Al-Obeidi.



As for the five banks, they are the International Development Bank, the National Bank of Iraq, the Bank of Baghdad, the Iraqi Islamic Bank, the South Islamic Bank, according to the economist.


He added, “The deposits of the five banks grew by 11.3% compared to 2022 & the total deposits of the banks reach 9.25 trillion Iraqi dinars.”

He pointed out that “the South Islamic Bank achieved the highest rate of growth in deposits by more than 147%, then the National Bank of Iraq, whose deposit value grew by 90%.”


Al-Obaidi stressed that “this growth reflects a rise in public confidence in Iraqi private banks & the ability of private banks to acquire part of the cash bloc exported outside the banking system, as it is noted that the volume of deposits for the five banks in 2019 did not exceed the barrier of 1.8 trillion Iraqi dinars to reach more than 9.25 trillion Dinars today.”

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Here's another article related to the above...A Guru claims the samples of the lower denoms are at the Iraqi banks but he can't get nobody to send him any photos or proof...maybe because there is no proof...You think!!!!




MarkZ via PDK:              I'm Having A hard Time Getting Pictures Of The Lower Denoms.

ARTICLE:  There is…a lot of chatter again about the lower denominations at many Iraqi banking locations.  They are using cut sheets with samples of the LD’s etc….  I am trying to find someone over there to send a picture of these cut sheets to us…. (sample sheets with Lower denoms on it).  I would love to see an official sheet from the CBI.

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Herer's another article related to the above...Dollar decline will be gradual...article suggests a float...





Frank26:               A Government Advisor to Al-Ghad Press: Dollar Prices In The Markets Will Gradually Decline.

ARTICLE:  The financial affairs advisor to the PM, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, confirmed today, Monday, that the Dollar ER in local markets will gradually decline.


Saleh said in an interview with Al-Ghad Press, “The demand for foreign currency to finance Iraq’s foreign trade for the private sector & government trade amounts annually to approximately 60 billion Dollars.”


He added, "More than 95% of Iraq's foreign trade is financed through the compliance platform in accordance with international standards & accordingly goods & merchandise flow into the country through the official exchange rate of 1,320 Dinars per Dollar."


He continued, "Foreign trade depends on the parallel market at a rate of 5%," pointing out that "the percentage referred to will not affect the local market, especially after the decline in the general level of prices, which does not exceed 4 percent annually."


He pointed out that "the current monetary & trade policy will provide a gradual reduction between the official and parallel exchange rates, especially after the banking system adapted to the rules of international trade & the principles of financing foreign trade, all of which began to serve the interest of the stability of the national economy."


Today, Monday, the capital, Baghdad, witnessed a decline in Dollar ER with the closure of the main Kifah and Harithiya stock exchanges in Baghdad, recording 149,850 Iraqi Dinars against 100 Dollars.

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