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Has the GCR Started.


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Here's two articles of Dinarian interests...

We are headed to a Decline of the USD.

A run on the banks has started.

Out with the old & in with the new.

The collapse of the old financial system is underway.

Treat as rumors.  Not verified.  Your opine.




Tlm724 Administrator Bondlady’s Corner:               The USD Is Headed To Decline.

ARTICLE:  Parliamentary Finance: We Are Close To Ending The Phenomenon Of “Parallel Markets” & Prices Are Heading To Decline.

 The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed today, Wednesday (January 24, 2024), that  Iraq is close to resolving the crisis of the high Dollar exchange rate & ending the phenomenon of “parallel markets.”

Committee member Moeen Al-Kazemi said, in an interview with “Baghdad Today,” that “the Iraqi government & the CBI were able to truly control the ER of the Dollar & prevent its rise, after taking various steps & decisions over the past months that led to the gradual decline of the Dollar in the parallel markets.”

He added, "Work is currently underway to end the so-called (parallel markets) & we are approaching that.  The Dollar will not be exchanged except at the rate approved by the Central Bank of Iraq & this matter requires a short time," pointing out that "the decline in the parallel markets "It will continue gradually over the coming days."




Goldilocks:                     WTO New Reforms.

ARTICLE:  The World Trade Organization has been working on reforms for some time.  In the past, it has been believed that this organization has favored the larger countries. Attempts have been made to reconcile some of the mechanisms to create a "More Level Playing Field" among the smaller countries.

In 2024, a renewed mechanism is at play to settle some disputes among countries feeling the need to call into question certain trades that have been favored towards larger countries over their own.

With the upcoming 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13) in February, a meeting with several representatives from around the world to talk & implement a new mechanism put into place called the "appellate mechanism."

The appellate mechanism is governed by seven people who will make decisions on disputes that are called into question.  Last year, I shared with you how foreign ER were being reformed within the WTO.  Now, we are witnessing many trade products being brought to the table for adjustments throughout this year.




From Other Sources:               LIVE! ALERT... ALERT... ALERT...

VIDEO:  Banks Are Running Out Of CASH. Get UN-BANKED NOW! 

Greg Mannarino:  1-26-2024.   Google key words in title to take you to source & see video.

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Here's another article related to the above...You're busted!



Frank26 via Iraq boots-on-the-ground report via  FIREFLY:                     You're busted!

ARTICLE:  Saying 9 Iraqi officials arrested for extreme wealth from corruption.  

FRANK:  Sudani is going all out...this is amazing...You're busted!

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Here's another article of Dinarian interests...



Samson:                 Out With The Old & In With The New.

Article:  "Instead of Romanski, Biden nominates an extraordinary “new” American ambassador to Iraq."

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6 hours ago, screwball said:



This may help clear up some question & raise even more answers...confidence restored in Iraq banks & the IQD...








Beha_Saleh...on the citizen’s confidence in banks: It is still fading!


Has the Central Bank of Iraq achieved sufficient reforms to raise the value of the Dinar against the Dollar?

The price difference between the official & the parallel is still the same & the citizen’s confidence in the banks is still in place!  






ar up some questions

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