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QFS & GCR News Updates.


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Here's some articles of Dinarian interests...

QFS & GCR news updates.

It appears the final countdown has begun.

Treat as a rumors.  Not verified.  Your opine.





From Other Sources:            A Black Swan Stock Market crash was on the horizon that would cause huge ramifications around the World  & bring in a Global Currency Reset to 209 nations.

ARTICLE:  The New Financial System Components:  RUMORS.

GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act): GESARA is a global initiative aimed at restructuring the world’s financial systems & establishing a new era of prosperity & abundance. It seeks to eliminate debt-based currencies & usher in asset-backed financial systems.


QFS (Quantum Financial System): The QFS is a digital financial platform that operates on the principles of blockchain technology & quantum computing. It promises transparency, security & efficiency in financial transactions, making traditional banking systems obsolete.


GCR/RV (Global Currency Reset/Revaluation): This is a process through which the value of global currencies is recalibrated, often to realign with tangible assets like gold & silver.  The goal is to level the playing field & eliminate the dominance of a few reserve currencies.


ISO 20022: ISO 20022 is a global standard for financial messaging that enables seamless & standardized communication between financial institutions.  It facilitates faster & more accurate cross-border transactions.


BASEL III: BASEL III is a set of international banking regulations that require financial institutions to maintain higher capital reserves.  This ensures greater stability within the global banking system & reduces the risk of financial crises.


Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

On Mon. 8 Jan. Redemption Center leaders & bank managers (allegedly) gave their individual access codes to the US Treasury, where they were locked into the new Quantum Financial System (QFS).


On Wed. 10 Jan. 2024 all qualified banks around the World (allegedly) connected to the new gold/ asset-backed QFS on the new Star Link Satellite System.


On Sat. 13 Jan. the SWIFT Home Page (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)) said that the new ISO 2022 System (Digital Data Interchange between financial institutions) for payments was now live.


Mon. 15 Jan. MarkZ: There were rumors that bond folks were expecting liquidity overnight tonight.


On Tues. 16 Jan. we (allegedly) move to the final rule stage of Basel 3 compliance in our banking system.


Banker:  Tier4b will receive notification around the first of next week & be able to set appointments starting Thurs. 18 Jan.


On Tues. 23 Jan. all banks across the Globe not Basel 3 Compliant (have gold asset-backed monies) will (allegedly) automatically collapse.  The Cabal owned JP Morgan, which is a shareholder in the Bank of International Settlements, was scheduled to file for bankruptcy.


Protocol QFS 20: This protocol is an integral part of the QFS, designed to (allegedly) streamline & secure financial operations further. It ensures that transactions are conducted with the utmost integrity & efficiency.


Mon. 15 Jan. Basel III: The Banking Game-Changer You Haven’t Heard About, Gold as a Tier 1 Asset, US Treasuries vs. Gold as a Financial Asset & Banks that Fail Basel III – American Media Group (


Quantum Financial System, David Wilcock:

The QFS operates completely independently from the existing “centralized” banking & ends the “Central Banking System” that perpetuates “Debt Slavery” around the world.


Even though it is the ultimate in design, reliability, security &d safety, the roll-out process will occur over time.


The QFS operates on a Distributed ledger Technology. It is NOT crypto currency or Blockchain technology.


Quantum Qubits “interact” with every financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance to ensure that each transaction is legal, owner-intended & transparent.


Since Central Banks do not have the ability to “reconcile” old FIAT (paper) money into the new QFS system, all fractional reserve banking & central banking activities will cease.


Every sovereign currency & every bank represents a separate ledger in QFS.


Data on all account holders at all banks in all 209 participating countries was downloaded into QFS in March 2017 and serves as a “Distributed ledger.”


The QFS is designed for & ready to convert ALL bank accounts denominated in any fiat currency anywhere in the world into a local asset-backed currency.


The QFS pings the originating Fiat currency bank account to ensure it is still valid, active & operational at the time the exchange of fiat currency for asset-backed currency takes effect.


After the successful ping of a local bank account, the fiat currency holdings are converted into the new local asset-backed currency on a 1:1 basis.





Mnt Goat:         My CBI Contacts.

ARTICLE:  NO, the RV did not yet happen!  But we all should know the process is in motion.  How can anyone deny it when we look at all the progress made in 2023 on currency reform.  The Dinar & Dollar crisis filled the headlines every day.

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Here's another GCR article of interests...



MarkZ:           Update- Some highlights By PDK-Not Verbatim.


MZ: There is a lot of news out of Iraq.  According to the Iraqi press they are working hard on a change of value & deleting of the zeros.  Deleting the zeros does not mean just take the zeros off ….it means the Dinar gains so much strength that you cannot use the bills with the 3 zeros on it….. This is good news for us.

Member:  they need the lower denominations once the Dinar revalues.

MZ: Nader & MilitiaMan both dropped good videos. Be sure to go to their sites to watch them. They are talking about real steps for Iraq to ascend to the World Trade organization. They talked about after that how Iraq will be an influential international player. They talk about how this will be a huge boon for the Iraqi people & they will “reap the fruits soon” or higher exchange rate.

Member: I thought that was done months ago……They sure can talk about something forever without really doing anything…can’t they?

Member: Lots of talk….no action…yet…Maybe this time they will actually do it.

Member: From everything Iraq is doing with so many different countries… Iraq international?????

MZ: “Liberation of the Dinar from the official rate: Obstacles & Solutions.”  They are again talking about the need to increase the value & adjust all the mechanisms to do so. They talk about killing the black market because the markets will determine the new rate.

MZ: “Al Sudani arrives in Davos to push the “Development & Road Agenda” He is pushing to be international in world trade. 

MZ: ”Electronic payments would have prevented “The Theft of the Century” This is why they are pushing so hard to get the cash out of the system.

MZ: Here is one from the CBI: “Instructions & Standards for the circulation & replacement of bank notes counting & sorting mechanisms”  The central bank is laying down the mechanisms for the deleting of the zeros.

Member:  Does anyone know what the hold-up is now? War threats??

Member: Sure looks to me like the Cabal is trying hard to start WW3. Hope it does not delay the GCR.

Member: From Awake-in-3d:  Vietnamese Dong possibly to go before Dinar. Presently, what are your thoughts on this matter?

MZ: It’s possible but I highly doubt it due to the amount of Dong held by Iraq in their foreign currency reserves &d the amount of Dinar held by Vietnam. It would cause a big trade imbalance if they did not go at the same time…..IMO…But it would be great for us that hold the VND  if they were to go first.

Member:  Don’t care about which goes first, just want something to go. Even 1 to 1. Don’t care, anything will be a blessing!  Please just go!!

Member: Everything at once, has to happen soon. Iraq is already in process. Praying this is the last week of the drama show.

Member:  Vietnam is very strong. Looking good!

MZ: Many of you are excited about this one….the new polymer Dollars. We have been seeing this for 5-10 years now. We expect polymer & cool artwork. …They have nicknamed it “The rainbow currency” just because of all the colors.

MZ: This is just an example but its very cool. 

MZ: From Zerohedge: “Former Central Banker: The world is heading towards a new monetary system that incorporates gold” He is from the Central bank of Finland. We know the inevitability. This is where we are headed.

Member:  I’m starting to think there’s no white hats.  Just a distraction.

Member: I do not “Trust the Plan” anymore…….It has been way to long for it to be real.

Member: I am trusting in BRICS…They seem to be the only ones going in the right direction.

Member: Really hope this is still our month.

Member: Stay positive & Wishing all a wonderful day.

Member:  We are like Daniel in the Bible, Our Prayers have been heard, the moment we prayed! The answer is on its way ! It’s been delayed, but, it can’t be stopped! In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Member: Thank you Mark for being there on top for information. We appreciate you.







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