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DONE: Iraq Returns To The WTO 14 Years After Its Expulsion.


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Here's an article of Dinarian interests...

Iraq Returns To The WTO 14 Years After Its Expulsion.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



TNT via Tishwash:               So Are They In Or Not?   Iraq Returns To The WTO 14 Years After Its Expulsion.

ARTICLE:  Iraq is preparing for a major change in the trade file with the countries of the world & is preparing to exceed the limits set for Iraqi goods, with its return to the WTO 14 years after it was expelled as a result of its failure to adhere to the organization’s meetings.


The head of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s mission to the World Trade Organization/the Saudi Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization & responsible for the file of Iraq’s accession to the WTO, Saqr al-Muqbel, visited Iraq today, Monday & delivered a speech in which he reviewed the importance of joining the WTO.


Al-Muqbil said in a press conference followed by a news agency, “I find Iraq’s accession to be a serious message from Iraq to the whole world, that Iraq is continuing its path of engagement with the whole world,” adding: “I find myself among my loved ones & brothers to do everything we have for your participation.” “The Kingdom’s successful experience in joining the World Trade Organization.”


He explained, “The Kingdom joined the World Trade Organization in 2005 & our non-oil merchandise exports amounted to about 18 billion Dollars & exports have now reached 84 billion Dollars with the world,” noting that “the Kingdom’s service exports alone amounted to about 11 billion Dollars in 2005 & have now reached more than 34 billion Dollars.


He pointed out that “these achievements depend on Iraq’s signals to join & accelerate its pace to find Iraq in its usual position & as one of the largest economies in the Arab region & the Middle East.”


For his part, the Iraqi Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, said, “Iraq is taking steps to return as a strong economic player by opening relations with Arab countries & all countries of the world,” noting that “today, within a year, we were able to finalize three files and submit them to the committee related to Iraq’s accession to the WTO.” global trade in goods & services.


He stated that “Iraq joined as an observer in the WTO in 2004 & in 2009 Iraq stopped meetings &d reached the point of being removed from the organization & last year 2023, through continuous work on that & with the help of Saudi Arabia & the head of the Saudi mission in the organization, Iraq returned as an observer to the organization.” Global trade & we accomplished in one year the equivalent of more than 15 years’ work.”

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Here's ana article related to the above...Sudani Heads Out To Davos...



Clare:          Sudani Heads Out To Davos.

Article:  “Al-Sudani leaves Baghdad for Switzerland to attend the Davos Forum”  Quote:  “On Monday, Iraqi PM Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani left the capital, Baghdad, for Switzerland to participate in the 54th session of the Davos Economic Forum.”

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Here's another article of Dinarian interests...EPS enhances economic development...



Tlm724 Administrator Bondlady’s Corner:             Advisor To The Prime Minister: Electronic Payment Enhances Economic Development Efforts.

ARTICLE: Hussein Thaghab, the Executive Director of the Iraq Fund for Development, Muhammad Al-Najjar, said that the digital transformation that the country aspires to achieve represents the most important steps in the next stage & an important axis of the development process that Iraq seeks.


He added to “Al-Sabah” that  developing performance within the Iraqi labor market is extremely important & a prominent focus in achieving goals& that the financial sector represents the size of the corner to make plans a reality, which requires the presence of an advanced financial sector that adopts advanced work mechanisms.


Al-Najjar explained that the  presence of an advanced financial sector that relies on advanced financial transactions is an attractive element for specialized global efforts, especially since  the Iraqi labor market is vast & accommodates great local & international efforts.


He explained that  the shift towards electronic payment carries many positives that secure the reality of financial transactions in Iraq, pointing out that the clear interaction between beneficiaries & electronic payment leads to the spread of these transactions on a wider scale in the country.





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