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Here's another article of Dinarian interests...

Article suggesting the GCR is well under way.

-BRICS Summit is going on.

-WB-IMF Summit going on.

-Jackson Hole Summit going on.

-G7 Summit gears up.

Pay very close attention what the Summit says about global Exchange Rates.

These are a few of the global economic events going on.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



FROM OTHER SOURCES:  Globalization Is Ending.   Jackson Hole Reinforces That.

ARTICLE:  The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium & Federal Reserve’s 2023 symposium this weekend marks the end of that era of globalization.


With the theme, “Structural Shifts in the Global Economy,” the 46th annual symposium in Jackson, Wyo., Aug. 24-26, will focus on how these changes will impact central-bank policy. Investors wonder what it means for them, with the Federal Reserve at a potential turning point in its war on inflation. 


Welcome To The Brave New World.

Back in the halcyon days of the 1990 conference, one of the key speeches was given by Vaclav Klaus, the Czechoslovakian finance minister. Eastern Europe’s leading free-marketeer, Klaus said everything the Western bankers wanted to hear.


“It is becoming more & more clear to all East Europeans,” Klaus told the assembly, “that the only practical & realistic way to improve their living standards is the total abolition of institutions of central planning; the dismantling of price & wage, EXCHANGE-RATE & foreign-trade controls & the radical transformation of existing property rights.”



While Klaus was ready to sweep away the communist past in a single stroke, The WSJ was more circumspect.

“The reformers will have to find a way to keep public support on their side if their bold economic experiments are to succeed,” the Journal’s Alan Murray wrote. “No amount of technical expertise or institutional refinement from the West can replace that.”

Events moved quickly. Klaus’ country would soon be erased from the map, along with the Soviet Union & Yugoslavia, which were also represented at Jackson Hole.  Former Warsaw Pact nations flocked to the EU and NATO.


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Here's another article related to the above...more GCR related news...



TNT:   CandyKisses:     BRICS Latest New Members.

ARTICLE:  Media reveal Newest BRICS Members.

According to Chad, the statement named Argentina, Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as new members of the group. The selection of those States for membership in the Group had been taken into account geographical balance.


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17 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

Article suggesting the GCR is well under way. -BRICS Summit is going on.-WB-IMF Summit going on.-Jackson Hole Summit going on.-G7 Summit gears up.

Pay very close attention what the Summit says about global Exchange Rates.


Good post Luigi - Thanks...!

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