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Monday Afternoon Opinions @ 5:43 PM CDT - 5/16/2022


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 


** MilitiaMan  Article: "The Central Bank of Iraq 75 years in the face of economic challenges" The take away I see is they have accomplished the necessary goals to get them to the advanced stage of going into a market economy...They have been taken out of the Gray area, removed from sanctions of Chapter VII, accomplished E-Government, E-Payments and Automated the borders and ports and increased revenues outside of oil..[Post 1 of 2]


** MilitiaMan  When the Central Bank talks we should listen. They use the wording 'advanced stage' now.. They use the terms 'Market Economy' now.. Well, once Article VIII with a new rate they'll have the Entitlements and Food Security in the bag... Very promising and timely article. imo..[Post 2 of 2]


** Pimpy  Unlike when Al-Kazemi took over as Prime Minister he had a short term...about two years in office.  Once the government is formed they are going to have a normal four years to get business done.  Depending on what government they get in there will make a world of difference as to whether or not the exchange rate is going to change..[Post 1/2]

** Pimpy   Remember you need a steady government, one that's not corrupt, a steady economy, strong GDP, your country has to be able to attract outside investors who are interesting in investing into your country and the future prospects have to look really good.  You also have to have a strengthening currency.  All the possibilities are there for Iraq..[Post 2 of 2]


** Frank26  Article: "Finance holds a consultative meeting to implement two systems...and reveal their benefitsEVERYONE IS AT THIS MEETING IMF, WB, CBI, FM, ETC.




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4 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

Does Frank26 actually have any proof there was a meeting with IMF, WB, CBI & FM or did he just make it all up in his head?


Go ask him Luigi - you know where to find him..!  He will answer you...:tiphat:

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