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Al-Maliki and a repeated story


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Al-Maliki and a repeated story

  • SUNDAY, 04-17-2022, AM 8:12
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By: Ali Hussain

We believe Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, who told us in 2016 that the solution is in one magic phrase, which is the “majority government,” about which he said in more than one dialogue: “It will block the way for those who are stalking the political process in Iraq.” We did not know who the stalkers were in our democracy. In fact, it was said that everyone enjoyed the taste of the Iraqi cake, and shared it with "qastas".

Al-Maliki described the majority government as "the lifeboat of the political process." Or do we believe Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, who says in 2022 that only the consensus government will save Iraq, and that the majority will lead us to the unknown.

The issue of consensus and the majority was not without some humor, and among these painful jokes, the poor citizen finds that the country is going into the unknown, and that the elections will not end, and that everyone is determined to get everything he wants.

Mr. Al-Maliki is well aware that people hoped to build a society that accommodates everyone, but the reality says that the country is no longer accommodating only those with loud voices, and this is what made the logic of exclusion or cancellation apply in political life that no longer bears anything from politics except its name only, as it turned into A commercial agency is managed according to the logic of spoils, and the battles waged by Al-Maliki and his associates are not over building a real political system, but over who gets the privileges and benefits of the deal.. For some, politics has become reduced to a position, contracting, or a seat in Parliament.

Repeating slogans and chants does not reassure others, because the logic of Machiavellianism controls all the positions of Nuri al-Maliki, not to mention the opacity that hangs over most of the positions and the uncertainty that engulfed most of his steps in power.

Mr. Al-Maliki.. The real dialogue is in spreading the concept of citizenship, fighting corruption, and the just rule of law over everyone. Otherwise, your speeches and slogans will bring us nothing but disasters that will continue even if you hold a million dialogue sessions with the heads and dignitaries of the clans. It is unreasonable that the political forces tie their hands In front of the people and treat them as second-class citizens. For all this, I ask Mr. Al-Maliki to resolve his position and declare it clearly. Is he with a real partnership, or is he seeking to build a one-party system, one vote, and one leader? Most important of all, he must be prepared to pay the price of marginalizing and excluding others, a price that will inevitably be high.

Unfortunately, Mr. Al-Maliki suffers from a deep problem with the Iraqis, for despite their sincerity and desire to follow his speeches, they do not seem to be able to solve the riddles of what he says, so we see him after each speech “come out” from the screen, explaining to his listeners with a gesture of his finger, so that they may understand .

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