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Experts: Iraq enters 2022 to determine its economy

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Experts: Iraq enters 2022 to determine its economy


 Baghdad: Adnan Abu Zaid

Economists see in the completion of the withdrawal of the combat forces of the international coalition, and the nearness of complete liberation from the constraints of Kuwaiti compensation, a new hope for Baghdad to move to a new stage in determining the country's economic destination.
The file of Kuwait’s compensation as a result of the Iraqi army’s invasion of its lands in 1991, is one of the largest files that have accumulated on the shoulders of Iraqi finance in general for thirty years, and the salvation of it according to the deductions tables imposed by the Security Council is a positive motive in conjunction with the escalation of oil export revenues, according to a chief adviser Ministers for fiscal policy, the appearance of Muhammad Salih.
Specialists hope - in addition to the improvement of Iraqi diplomatic relations - that the establishment of compensation will be directed to several vital sectors, and local infrastructure, including electricity and basic services.
Observers and stakeholders stress the need for new governments to start drawing up the country's general economic policy, provided that the new sums are directed in the right direction, given the upcoming oil glut with the rise in global oil prices.
The end of the Kuwaiti compensation file and the withdrawal of foreign forces provide two new factors, namely, the completion of Iraq's obligations to exit from Chapter VII restricting Iraqi funds in the US Federal Bank, in addition to the local forces taking over their responsibilities after the end of the war on ISIS and the start of achieving high rates of reconstruction in the liberated areas .
Disclaimer: All published articles represent the opinion of its authors only

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