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Friday Midnight Opinions- CST - 12/03/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 



** Frank26  Article:  "Adviser to the Prime Minister:  The 2022 budget is guarded by surprises and includes appointments"  The budget is guarded?  What are you guarding cookies??  No but it's more delicious than cookies...Kazimi is trying to tell the people of Iraq that there's going to be a surprise in the 2022 budget...Do you realize how much the exchange rate is guarded?  You realize the top secret involved behind that number?  Now you know it's 1 to 1 but you have no idea what it will be capped at do you? 


** Kaperoni   If you own dinar do yourself a favor, spend your time reading and learning about Iraq and rebuilding of their economy. Until then, nothing is happening...Until Iraq has a new government in place, and they passed laws, build a diverse private sector economy there will be no change in the Iraqi dinar.

** Pimpy  Article: "Kuwait confirms receiving $1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq"  They're just about done with this...this is one of the things I believe is holding up the rate change...the remaining amount is $629 million.  Not bad at all.  It's less than half what they just paid.  They said this should be done by February which means all war compensation should be complete...This is a huge deal for Iraq and IMO helps them take another step closer to a bigger rate change when the time comes plus having their sovereignty reinstated...


** Walkingstick  In the 2022 budget the governor of the Central bank of Iraq and the prime minister Kazimi both are telling the Iraqi citizens we have a guarded secret that was well studied... What's in the '22 budget... what's in the white papers?  [the rate].


** Frank26   [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update]  FIREFLY: They're talking about the old currency again...the ones from the 1940's...they're saying how the new currency will support a true dinar rate as long as Iraq enters the global markets...they're telling us about deals with foreign countries...and they must have a strong dinar to have these deals with these foreign countries because Iraq will be a centerpiece in the Middle East...  FRANK:  The CBI is trying to explain to you why you need this new currency because it has to match the new math that they're trying to explain to you..[Post 1 of 2].

** Frank26   [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update FRANK continued:  the new exchange rate of 1 to 1 against the American dollar and not the sanctioned program rate of 1190 because that does not mathematically work with the new small category notes that they are about to give you.  This is a wonderful step in your education because IMO it is putting you in a position to receive them now...IMO you're going to see them before they officially give you the new rate so that you are prepared for the budget at the beginning of next year.  They are showing you again this week the old small category notes from the 1940's because they want to make sure you understand that they will be looking almost like the ones that they're going to hand out to you..[Post 2 of 2].



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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      ** Frank26  All I want is the new rate and the new notes.  You won't get them until at least this government is seated...Let's see what happens.  We know what we read in an article, [The mother of all articles the CBI says if you're not ready GOI to heck with it we'll take care of it...]
      ** MilitiaMan ...All looks very very very good. The private sector and or market economy will require a REER  [real effective exchange rate]. The USA embassy has today commented on the support for Iraq to do international trade. Even with China. So, lets see what gives. My view is we are very close to seeing it...

      ** Frank26   Article: "World Bank: Iraq will witness the highest economic growth among the Arab counties within  2 years"  Seriously?  At a program rate?  At a used toilet paper program rate?  Really?  The writing is on the is in print.  It's not my opinion.  It is the opinion of the Central bank of Iraq that they're going to raise the value of their currency as soon as the government is seated and if the government is horsing around and they're not seated the CBI is still going to move forward whether they like it or not.  It's that simple.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      *** Militiaman  [a member] of the Board of Directors for the GCC states it's time to adjust the exchange rate and enhance the national currency of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.  You can't make that up.  It's what the people in the region are talking about...

      *** Mnt Goat  There is not much more to say about the reinstatement (A.K.A. RV).  We are pivoting right at the window now. We know that the plan is to shortly conduct the project to delete the zeros and them follow up with the reinstatement on to FOREX…finally. Nobody really knows the exact timing. I have not heard anything currently that is holding it up... There is not much more I can tell you at this time except the citizens in Iraq are absolutely being told that the currency redenomination will happen in the next days. We all know what this means. I am VERY excited!

      *** Kaperoni   Kuwait didn't [RV] and there is a significant difference [between the Iraq dinar and Kuwait dinar situations]... Kuwait has around forty billion dinar in circulation and Iraq has over 100 trillion.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 

      ** Frank26  [Bank experience]  BRIAN:  I went to BOA.  I'm in the north east part of the goal was to...find out if they exchanged currencies... My first question was do you exchange foreign currencies here.  He [teller] said, 'We absolutely do.'  My second question was could you get me an appointment/name of the highest banker that you have at this...branch? ...He picked up the phone and made a call...I really didn't expect to get to speak to someone...His official title was Officer of the Finance Center and Branch Manager.  I explained to him I was part of a group that had invested in an undervalued currency..[Post 1 of 2].
      ** Frank26  [Bank experience cont.]  ...I said we had a significant amount of this currency and...if we were able to put a significant amount of dollars in his bank what are the things he could do for us that would make us want to select Bank of America to move forward.  He was very receptive of it...He finally asked what is the currency you're looking to exchange? I said it's dinar, have you ever heard of it?  He said no...But later on... he says, '...I think I have heard of this.'...I asked if he had a De La Rue machine.  He said no...I asked if they charge for a spread...He said they don't...But...they do charge for whatever the exchange rate is.  I asked if that was negotiable.  He said absolutely in the right scenario..[Post 2 of 2]. Now we're going to see a flurry of idiots, relatively new to the dinar, running to banks asking more dumb questions. This happens every time these clown gurus start spouting their nonsense of an imminent RV....not to mention names, but aren't usually  posted by me here...Whatever you do, DON'T bug the Banks until there is an actual value increase...Ron

      ** Vital Brad  I think we have a front row seat to some really really big things coming.  I really do.  I think we're on the brink of watching a major change happen.  If we are looking in the right place we're going to watch it unfold.  Where most people have no clue what's even happening/what's going on, their heads are so far up their own tailpipe.  They're so sucked into the news and the media...they're so lost and caught up into what other people are have to have your own opinion...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      ** Adam Montana   [...Once they open this window I believe this will grow overnight and not be able to hold the value down very long, who knows how high it will grow unless the CBI puts a cap on its growth.]   ...Whether the CBI would put a cap on the growth or not... I am inclined to agree that they will. But there's a strong argument for that cap being $1. Taken from another site that follows Adam and posts snippets from his remarks.

      ** Frank26  Article: "Changing the exchange rate...economic additions and dangerous social effects"  the mother of all posts had this baby post. [Reference Frank26 post from 1-11-2022 which follows]
      ** Frank26  Article: "It is time to adjust the exchange rate to enhance the value of the national currency (the Iraqi dinar) against the dollar."  Wow!  Can we have a standing ovation?  ...this is the CBI saying this...this is the mother of all articles. Quote: '...let us make readjusting the exchange rate the first task of the next government and parliament to relieve the burden of the citizen.'  The CBI wants to show the Iraqi citizens the NSCNs/new exchange rate as soon as possible and if you GOI are not ready by the 15th then we the CBI will show the citizens to reduce any confusion...[REPOST: from 1/11/2022 - referenced in baby post above].
      ************* Midnight Opinions from 1/12/2022 ************
      ** Frank26  Article file - they are talking about monetary reform.  Quote "in the light of international projects, which enhances a stable dinar...meaning that monetary policy requires transparency through which it is presented in the next budget."  It's no longer a soon as the new seated government passes the budget laws, the budget, white papers and exchange rate will be exposed IMO...

      ** Kaperoni  ...Nothing is moving fast in Iraq, they're not in a position to do anything until they have a government, pass laws and have investment for the private sector.

      ** Vital Brad   I'm just a regular guy with dinar.  I try to do research on it to figure out what's going on.  I try to gather information...and decipher through some of this stuff...I'm not a financial advisor.  I've got debt that I'm working on getting paid off.  I work a job.  I have a car payment.  Rent...I'm working the grind day-in-day-out trying to support a family...I don't know if this is ever going to happen.  I hope just like Kuwait the Iraqi dinar revalues and the people 'in the know' benefit from it.  I'm trying to let as many people know about it as possible so when it does happen it's not just the elites that are 'in the know'... everyday people have the opportunity to know about this as well.
    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON 
      *** Frank26  Article 1: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces Iraq's exit from the European Union's list of high-risk countries"  From black list removal to high credit ratings for Iraq.  This is how you get a new exchange rate.  This is how you take a program rate and you throw it back to the United Nations or whoever gave it to you.  Way to go!  Article 2:  "Al-Kazemi's comment on the European Union's decision to remove the name of Iraq from the list of high-risk countries"  What does this mean?  It means the whole world is going to flow back into Iraq because there is no fear any longer.  They're stable.  They're secure.  They have a currency.  They have a brand new central bank even Dubai is jealous...

      *** MilitiaMan  Article: "Barzani: Joint work between Baghdad and Erbil contributed to Iraq’s exit from high-risk countries"  I like the sounds of this article, as it is in past tense. A good sign that there is consensus between Baghdad and Erbil. The linkage of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the global system is very telling. They are achieving success today and are saying that they will look back to today, as a turning point for a prosperous global future for the people of Kurdistan. This is a good sign of change to come...All good news.. imo.

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