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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

contact warka regarding online account


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As far as I know there has been no renewals since Feb last year. I've been emailing since Nov and nada, and others for much longer


These are the emails myself and others send to:,,,


I always send mine so they arrive around 9:30am Baghdad time, sunday - thursday as they are closed friday and saturday,,,took 3+ months last time,,,and almost 3 months now since started emailing for a new one again...


Good luck and let us know if you get any kind from contact from Warka!

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I am also needing a new password to get into my account. I have been emailing for several months and have not heard anything. Can they just take your money? I would like some help as well. New email, phone number, something.

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I haven't been able to login for 18 months now. Absolutely no replies from my email requests; although I know they were opened as I used mailtrack for gmail.

I'm wondering if we could report the issue with the International Monetary Fund, or something. 

I've even tried calling Central Bank of Iraq. Although my international dialing with Verizon is functional, I always received "your call can't be completed as dialed" message.

I successfully go through to some other derka derka bank in Iraq though.

I wouldn't even no for sure exactly where to go if I went to Iraq. I'm not planning that nightmare though and I shouldn't have to.

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