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  1. I have been sending emails forever trying to get my password reset. What email did you use to finally get a response? I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you,
  2. I am also in this situation. I resend the form to deduct funds ever time I send email and I number each email. No response for several months now. If there is a new email address I need it. Hope someone can help us all with this problem. Makes me very nervous.
  3. TrinityeXchange Thank you for the information. I understand what you are saying. I also respect Adam and all he does. I have never traded stocks before (obvious). Seems like a good direction to go. Want to learn more about how it works then I will make up my own mind. Did not mean to imply anything. I thought this was what the site was all about. People just talking and sharing. I will continue to read your post. I find them very informative.
  4. TrinityeXchange I have been reading for past hour. Read your top 5 for the month. Hope that's the month of Sept. 100,000 IQD can be divided between whatever or how many you choose? If I do this counting the wire and all looking at $1200 to $1300? Money kinda tight right now. I'm thinking about going this route rather than paying off my name reserve. I to have a Warka account was advised to go with Aljazera. Am I thinking in the right direction? One other question. When I checked into paying off IBC noticed change in price. Looked like it added something (filling?) I must have missed a post s
  5. TrinityeXchange, I am considering the ISX. I thought I read there was no min amount with Aljazera Brokerage. I'm new to the stocks things please forgive my ignorance. Also where do you go to read whats best to invest in. If I understand correctly, your investment could make money even if there is no RV in the very near future. I'm assuming (which you should never do) you can retrieve your investment whenever needed.
  6. I have not been able to login to my Warka account. Said I need to contact system administrator. Learned I needed to renew my account and pay annual fee. Printed consent form, filled in information and sent email to online account department. Sent on August 1st. I have not heard anything back. Is this because of Ramadan? Getting a little nervious. Especially with all the buzz going on. Does anyone have any information they could share?
  7. HI Adam, I have an account in Warka Bank. I checked the balance about 2 weeks ago and the balance of IQD was higher than what I put in. About 12,500. I have tried since to check the account but it will not pull up site at all. What does this mean?
  8. It keeps telling me to confirm status and configor my About Me. What does that mean and how do I do that?
  9. Do you have an account in Iraq? Are you one of the people that believes there will be an RV? I tried to wire money to Warka Bank and my bank would not do it. Said the information I had, that came from was a scam? Why would they say that? Do you have any information that would help me with my investing. Can I open an account in Iraq? Do you know how I would do that? I sent an email to Thought I was asking the right people the right thing? Now I'm very confused. I want to invest in the Dinar, and live with what ever happens. Just don't want to send my h
  10. I'm new to this. About six months now. Trying to figure out what is what. I tried to wire money today from my bank to the Warka Bank. I was told the information I had, which came from this forum was not legal but actually a scam. They would not wire my money. What I'm I suppose to beleive or do? Will someone help me?
  11. I could not get into the chat. Said Invalid user name or password. What do I do for next week?
  12. I was also told wrong password or user name. I even sent for a new password, thought that might be it. it still does not work. What do I do now?
  13. Is this an open discussion or only related to the topic of Japan? Because I have some concerns about opening my account at the Warka Bank?
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