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Inbedded HorseHead

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On 1/3/2021 at 11:00 AM, Inbedded HorseHead said:


What I would do if I needed to kill Cancer, Cancer Killers – Your body has been killing 1000’s of cancer cells per day since about the day you were born. The more one can do on this list, the better one’s chances of success are.  Look up each word or concept and study them.


The list is not necessary in order:


-Detox is a must. Only an unhealthy body can get sick. Start with Zeolite, Milk Thistle Extract and Alpha-lipoic-acid ALA. These will help detox the liver.

-Stimulate the immune system: Add Colostrum 2000 mg per day, mistletoe, Cesium Chloride, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, and exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system.

-The Ozone (excited oxygen) machine. A proper ozone/ excited oxygen machine is around $3.800.00.  The rest of the items on the list a relatively inexpensive.  Think, how much is your good health really worth?

-Oxygen generator/ Excited Oxygen (ozone) machine/Steve Thomas -  806–290–3133. He has the best prices plus he has 20+ years of nutritional expertise that he’ll share with you in email format.

-Another source that sells an Excited oxygen (ozone) machine is Longevity Resources, Inc.:  Go to and read about how everything works.

-Another way to add oxygen to the body is to take 20–25 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in 10 ounces of water regularly. All pathogens die in the presents of oxygen.  According to research this is great for killing cancer. This is a MUST and order today from

-Cesium Chloride is a powerful alkaline agent and cancers have a hard time living in an alkaline environment. This one is a real good one. 3 – 6 grams several times per day. Potassium and Vitamin C are needed here. Study this one.

-Parasite cleanse. Hulda Clark, ND, PhD reports that all cancers have parasites living in them!

-Gallbladder flush/liver cleanse – Helps digest fats and proteins and allows for maximum liver functions.

-HCL and ox bile tabs - aids, indigestion of the proteins and fats needed for a ketogenic diet.

-Baking soda/maple syrup- provides a way to introduce an alkaline agent into the cancer cells.  The mixture is made by mixing 1 part of baking soda and 3 parts of pure maple syrup.  In a small saucepan, on low heat, mix the 2 together for approximately 5-10 minutes.  No water is added to the mixture.  Eat throughout the day regularly.

-If sick, avoid big meals & carbohydrates. Carbohydrates convert to sugar and Cancer lives only on sugar.

-Apple cider vinegar - adds probiotics to the system.  I recommend Bragg’s 100% sure unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

-Kombucha - adds probiotics to the system.  Watch out as this has sugar and should only be used when healthy.

-Kefir -Goat kefir is another excellent source of probiotics needed for a healthy intestinal system.

-Probiotics/oregano oil/coconut oil kills candidiasis/yeast in the gut. Add a probiotic that has a count of 34.5 billion and in and up to 100, billion and per day.

-Calm® from Natural Vitality aids in sleep by adding magnesium to the system.

-Homozon - adds, magnesium and oxygen (MgO) to the system.  A third of a teaspoon to 3 teaspoons with lemon or lime juice daily.

-Vitamin D–6 drops 2000 IUs per day

-Vitamin C–up to 10,000 g per day

-Apricot seeds/zinc B17 AKA: Laetrile and zinc will break the cell wall of the cancer so the white blood cells can attack. White blood cells and cancer cells both have a negative charge and will repel each other. Apricot seeds have arsenic in them and kills cancer cells on contact. Eat two or three seeds several times per week and take a ounce of liquid zinc with it.

-Peach, plumb, strawberries, cranberries, nectarines, cherry, black berry and apple seeds, almond, cashews, alfalfa / bean sprouts, spinach, eucalyptus leaves also contain B17.

- Lima beans, garbanzo & kidney bean and millet should be added to the diet as they too have B17.

-If you are sick get large doses from Raw Food and Liquid B17 can be injected directly into the cancer cells and/or 500 mg tabs can be taken in large quantities as well.

-Asparagus has been reported to have cancer killing properties too.  Remember when sick, stay ketogenic.

-Pumpkin and sesame seeds, organ meats and eggs all have vitamin B15 (according to Dr. Krebs another important cancer killer.

- If a person is sick then add Trypsin and amylopsin to the diet too.

-Himalayan salt (remember you can’t have salt without water and you can’t have water without salt.)  Himalayan salt has all 84 minerals of the earth in it, needed for proper physiologic functions.

-Stop all carbohydrates/sugar.  Cancers thrive on a carbohydrates/sugar. 

-Chlorella and or spirulina - reduces heavy metals.  Take 4-6 tabs daily or at least every other day for maintenance.

-Exercise - adds strength and oxygen to the body.

-Magnesium sulfate MG SO4 +7 H2O equals Epsom salt.  Take ¼ to a 1/3 of a teaspoon daily.  One could do this twice daily as well.  Epsom salt baths allows the sulfur to absorb through the skin.  BTW sulfur is the most abundant component in her body.

-Alcat testing to see if you are intolerant to certain foods, oils herbs, etc. Food intolerances lead to hyperinflammatory responses in the body.

-Avoid corn oil, canola oil, safflower oil

-Cook with coconut oil, tallow, (found at V. Millers butcher; 59th and Folsom Blvd.) Other oils that can be used / eaten are macadamia, avocado, almond, walnut, olive, hemp however hemp oil should not be cooked with unless low heat or on salads.

- Only buy smaller quantities or quantities you can use in a short time as ALL oil goes rancid quickly.

-Use only the following Olive Oil Natural Brands for the cleanest olive oil:

Corto Olive, Ottavio, Omaggio, Barinai Olive Oil, Lucini, Kirtland Organic, Lucero, Olea Estates, McEvoy Ranch Organic. Cobran Estates, California Olive Ranch.

-Eat a variety of meats and fish – wild caught and grass, fed / grass finished only, Beef, Lamb, Bison. Grass feed animals all contain the B17 found in the grass. Corn / soy feed animals do not.

-Avoid chicken & turkey unless wild. Chicken & turkey have high levels of estrogens thought to stimulate cancer growth. Commercial processing will feed them soy plus they are high in esterdiols naturally.

-Maple syrup only with baking soda. One could shift their pH by taking 2tbl spoons of Baking soda and 10 -12 oz of water. Cancers have a tuff time in a body that is alkaline.

-Turmeric – studies show that it kills cancer cells.

-Stevia, Sweet taste and only use if your hard up.

-Use Coconut oil – Study this one well.

-Go and ketogenic. Stay fat / oil fluid, prioritize proteins and control carbohydrates.

-Once you are well, then a modified Atkins diet can be used, (adding salads, and fibrous vegetables like Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and asparagus.) 

- Use Eniva® products as they are liquid minerals.  400 mg of Ca/Mg per day, liquid, B vitamins, cell, ready minerals.  Also, at the mineral zinc, and germanium.  Germanium is known as the “Holy Mineral.”  The Holy Waters Lourdes, it is known for its healing properties and contains large amounts of Germanium.

-Water. Start out with 24 – 40 ounces when you 1st get up and drink at least a cup an hour for every hour you are up. Super hydrate when you can and Always use a filter; chlorine and fluorine are poisonous.

-A variety of foods is a must so you do not become intolerant to any of it.

- Add millet, bean sprouts and lima beans to your diet.

-Get adjusted regularly.

-Think good thoughts – I am great, I am healthy, I love the way I look and I love the way I feel. I know I am a beloved child of God….

-Study Nagalase and GcMAF.  Apparently, Nagalase is injected into a person via vaccinations and disrupts the GcMAF (macrophage) Vitamin D pathway to kill cancer cell. Autistic children and cancer victims have high amounts of Nagalase in their systems. Probiotics help neutralize Nagalase in the body.

-Study Beets / beet juicing

-Add CBD’s (Cannabinoids)

-Go to YouTube and listen to: Dr Darren Schmidt, DC and Dr Cal Streeter, DO and others.

-Stay alkaline.

-I would avoid chemical therapy “chemo” and radiation therapy.

- Add Ginger to your diet. Research it out.




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