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Presidential Election | Voter Fraud/Irregularities Exposed

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Arizona lawmakers call for audit of Dominion machines; Links between Dominion, UBS and China | NTD
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00:00 Arizona Lawmakers to Audit Voting Software
In Arizona, state lawmakers have begun to take action on election integrity. The State Legislature has just called for an audit of Dominion software and equipment used in Arizona's most populous county.

01:20 Votes Looked Like Scanned Copies: Witness
A polling manager in Fulton County Georgia, told state legislators that while she was counting ballots, she came across a batch that was “pristine”—none had been folded and all appeared to be exactly the same. She says they could have been scanned copies.

04:21 Election Fraud Is Treason: Ex-General
A former lieutenant-general of the US Air Force has a message for the American people. He says there is not just election fraud taking place—but acts of treason. He is calling on the president to declare a national emergency—and arrest the perpetrators. 

07:40 Citizen Website Calls for Fair Election
Information about voter fraud in the 2020 election has been widely censored across social media platforms. But one non-partisan website is giving people the ability to acquire and share information all in one place.

09:38 Links Between Dominion, UBS, and China
Georgia attorney Lin Wood claims that the Chinese regime sent Dominion 400-million dollars ahead of the election. That's through a Swiss bank's subsidiary. There is no direct proof of the claim. But public information does show ties between China, the bank, and Dominion.


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Let's put this in perspective...the Democrats Impeached Trump because of an "anonymous" Whistleblower who would not sign a sworn AFFIDAVIT, or come before Congress and the American people to testify. And yet, there are over a 1000 people who have signed sworn Affidavits and are willing to testify, and the DEMONCRATS and Marxists Commies are saying there is nothing to see here...move along.


TITLE: At Least 289,866 Ballots ILLEGAL? Expert Breaks Down Alleged Voter Fraud | Arizona Hearing






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TITLE: SCOTUS Docket Forces States To Respond - Jordan Sekulow On Newsmax





The fact that SCOTUS did not dismiss this out-of-hand, and immediately gave a deadline for the Defendents (PA, MI, WI, and GA) to respond by Thursday indicates that SCOTUS is leaning heavily towards the Plantiff (TX, and the rest of the state's).



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