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Hezbollah threatens Al-Kazemi to retaliate against Engineer and Suleimani

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Hezbollah threatens Al-Kazemi to retaliate against Engineer and Suleimani


23 minutes ago



Digital Media NRT

On Friday, the security official in the Hezbollah Brigades, Abu Ali al-Askari, threatened the Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kazimi, to take revenge on the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Committee, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, and “martyrs of the city of Qa’im” in addition to all the participants Other locals who contributed to this "crime", he said.

This came in a tweet by al-Askari, which was published on his Twitter account today, (July 31, 2020). He explained, "They will not escape punishment regardless of the price and the length of time ...", and the following is the text of the tweet: -


And Iraqi TV had announced, at dawn on Friday (January 3, 2020), that the Iranian military commander, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Committee, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, had been killed in a missile attack on the road to Baghdad International Airport.

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Hezbollah threatens Al-Kadhimi again: he will not go unpunished


Mustafa Al-Kadhimi
 2020-07-31 10:09
Shafq News/ Iraqi Hezbollah brigades on Friday threatened Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi again, saying that he "will not go unpunished" after he was accused of involvement in the killing of The Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani and deputy chairman of the Popular Mobilization Commission Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

"Our holiday in this time section will not be a holiday unless we take revenge, which is worthy of the size and content of the killers of the martyrs Soleimani, al-Muhandis and al-Qaim martyrs," brigade security official Abu Ali al-Askari said in a tweet.

"We repeat what we said at the time: local participants, from 'Kazemi al-Treachery' to the lowest ranks that facilitated these historic crimes, will not go unpunished at all costs and lengths of time," he said.

Hezbollah's brigades are accused of involvement in the january 3 killing of Soleimani and al-Muhandis in an air strike near Baghdad International Airport, which the iraqi prime minister denies.

The brigades face U.S. accusations of being behind rocket attacks targeting, for months, the U.S. embassy and Iraqi military bases housing U.S. soldiers and diplomats.

Last month, anti-terrorist forces arrested 14 members of the brigades in a raid on Kadhimi's orders on suspicion of involvement in rocket attacks.

A few days later, the Iraqi authorities released the detainees, with the exception of one of them.سیاسة/حزب-الله-يهدد-الكاظمي-مجددا-لن-يفلت-من-العقاب

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Hizbullah brigades accuse Al-Kadhimi of 'facilitating' the assassination of Soleimani and al-Muhandis and vows revenge
 2020-08-01 02:42
Shafq News/ Hezbollah brigades accused Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi of facilitating the assassination of The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander General Qassem Soleimani and Popular Mobilization Leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in an air strike at Baghdad airport.

"When al-Kadhimi was the head of Iraq's general intelligence, he facilitated the killing of Soleimani and the engineer," Hezbollah's security chief Abu Ali al-Askari said in a statement via Twitter.

He added: "Our feast in this time section will not be a holiday, except by taking revenge that befits the size, and guaranteed by Soleimani, the engineer, and the martyrs of the city of Al-Qaim from their murderers, and said that the local participants from kazemi the treacherous, to the lowest ranks that contributed to facilitating these historical crimes, will not escape punishment at all costs and time."

?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">July 31, 2020

Al-Askari accused Al-Kadhimi, when he was head of the Iraqi General Intelligence Service, of facilitating the assassination of Soleimani and al-Muhandis, saying at the time that "al-Kadhimi's candidacy for prime minister is a declaration of war against the people, and that he will burn the rest of the country's security."

The commander of Iran's Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, was killed in a U.S. raid on Baghdad airport on January 3, accompanied by former PMA deputy chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.سیاسة/كتا-ب-حزب-الله-تتهم-الكاظمي-بـ-تسهيل-اغتيال-سليماني-والمهندس-وتتوعد-بالث-ر

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Sunday, August 02 2020 09:39 PM


Electronic armies ... How can the terrorist Hassan Nasrallah train his agents into chaos?

Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah


Hundreds of students and youth from Iraq are being recruited by Hezbollah to spread its agenda and the greater Khomeini terrorist revolution

Terrorism of the Hezbollah militia, led by terrorist Hassan Nasrallah, does not stop with the proxy war of Iran, and at the end of terrorist attacks here and there. But it does cyber terrorism by forming criminal militias that work on social media to spread misguidance, block other websites and piracy, and promote the terrorist militia’s agenda on a larger scale. Additionally, the training apparently included how to circumvent Facebook and other censorship websites, in order to effectively spread misleading information on the Internet. For these sessions, Lebanon, and specifically the southern suburbs of Beirut, the stronghold of the Iranian-backed party, went to hundreds of students from Iraq, Syria and others, according to interviews conducted by the newspaper with a number of these students who naturally refused to reveal their names.
The British newspaper "The Telegraph" exposed these actions through information and testimonies about Hezbollah training thousands of Iranian-backed activists on social media, and this training process began at least since 2012, when Hezbollah militia transported individuals to Lebanon in order to submit For courses, participants learn how to digitally manage photos, manage large numbers of fake social media accounts, as well as create videos.

There is no doubt that this activity, according to a number of analysts, highlights the extent of Iran's insidious influence in the region, and its endeavor to export the Khomeinist "revolution" to the increasingly divided countries of the Middle East. The newspaper has adopted to draw a clear picture of these digital training operations into the testimonies and analyzes of more than 20 people, including politicians, analysts, and social media specialists, a member of the Iraqi Military Psychological Operations Unit, and a member of Iraqi intelligence, as well as former members of thoseElectronic armies formed by Hezbollah.

This research included an interview with people who directly participated in the implementation of logistical services by sending students to these Hezbollah courses over several years, which enabled them to obtain close information on how this network works. In testimony of one of the Iraqi students who participated in that session, Muhammad (a pseudonym) said that members of the party were observing the students via CCTV cameras around the clock during the 10-day course. As for the first moments of his arrival at Beirut airport, he said that he was very tense, especially that he had received previous warnings not to disclose any details.
He also added that an imam from Hezbollah received him in traditional religious clothes, in the camp or the place where the media session was taking place. In addition, he explained that during the course, many specialists and technicians participated in it, and these were giving a lecture or a lesson in plain civilian clothes, so that many of them did not release their beard as is customary among the party members. He also told the newspaper’s correspondent in Iraq, “When I met the professional trainers, I realized how important and deep this course was, and I got very excited.”
He added, according to the report published by "Al Arabiya Net", quoting the Telegraph, that these courses are like making delusions or misleading, pointing out that Hezbollah is earning millions of dollars from running these courses, but customers believe that it is worth it. " During the years following his first session in Beirut in 2015, Muhammad continued to send tens of other people to receive training in various fields, as he contributed to the creation of new teams of social media professionals and hackers.
The second name that the newspaper interviewed is Abdullah, a pseudonym for an important politician in one of the largest political parties in Iraq, and he has personally participated in sending dozens of individuals to Beirut to train on how to create and manage fake personal files on social media. In this context, he said: These courses or this activity have become a trade for Hezbollah.Beirut developed their skills, and when they returned they began training activists inside Iraq.
Among the groups that received such training are the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, which have a close relationship with Iran and Hezbollah, Lebanon, too. These brigades carried out extensive campaigns on social media during 2019, launching treacherous campaigns that affected prominent political faces in Iraq, as well as broadcasting high-quality videos that strongly targeted many public figures in the country, portraying them as "enemies of the homeland." Perhaps one of the most common methods used by all electronic armies is the creation of large networks of fake accounts that are inflatedly promoting a number of posts and accounts on communication sites.
Hind Al-Samawi, head of the Iraqi Digital Media Center (DMC), an independent media monitoring and analysis center, stressed that the impact of misinformation on social media in Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, which lacks strong government and press institutions, is much greater than its impact in Europe And the United States. He also stressed that the recent surge in those accounts that publish false and false information is badly harmful to Iraq. She added that false statements and messages inciting violence, which are spread virtually across the Internet from time to time, can easily lead to a deadly wave of violence on the ground in Iraq.
According to experts, the electronic armies of the Hezbollah terrorist militia, one of the means of black terrorism led by Hezbollah, do not require decisive engagement with it.

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Hizbullah channel publishes an image of an Iraqi officer .. Treason and blood waste

Last update: Monday, 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441 AH - 03 August 2020 KSA 18:27 - GMT 15:27
Publication date: Monday 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441 AH - 03 August 2020 KSA 17:32 - GMT 14:32
Source: Dubai-Arabia
452aa01a-9a52-4731-ae84-f3d7d873fb5b_16xFrom the site targeting Qasim Soleimani

In a move like bloodshed, a channel affiliated with the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigade launched a treason campaign against an officer, spreading his image, accusing him of spying on the movements of the Quds Force Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani, who spent the beginning of last January a US strike, on the campus of Baghdad Airport.

The Sabreen News channel on the Telegram published photos of an Iraqi intelligence officer, accusing him of observing Soleimani’s arrival at Baghdad airport and providing information about him to the United States.

Soleimani bag theft and watch Iran advisors

It also accused him of stealing the bag of the Iranian leader after his death.

In addition, she claimed that the mission of the officer called "Talal Naji", who works for the intelligence service of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi , was to monitor the Lebanese and Iranian advisers who work with the PMF. And considered that Naji was photographing wheels and movements of Hassan Resistance and Ali Haider.

The alleged Iraqi officerThe alleged Iraqi officer

She also claimed that the officer was the first to arrive at the bombed motorcade, so he stole the bag of Soleimani, whose fate is known only to have appeared in video footage and then disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Investigation Commission on the assassination of Soleimani issued a report on Monday accusing an Iraqi telecommunications company of being involved in the killing of the commander of the Quds Force, according to Mehr News Agency, adding that the company whose name was not revealed monitored his movements over the phone line.

Threats and filter regulations

It is noteworthy that groups affiliated with these brigades and other Iraqi militias loyal to Iran have been accustomed over the past months to launch threatening waves through the communication sites and some of their media channels in order to intimidate the activists or demonstrators who participated in the demonstrations last October, which spread across most Iraqi provinces.

About a month ago, strategic analyst Hisham Al-Hashemi was assassinated, while fingers were accused of those brigades, especially after the strained relationship between them and Al-Kazemi, who sent a counter-terrorism force to raid a headquarters in Baghdad last June, in a move considered a precedent in the country since the repeated and escalating targets That affected military bases that included American forces.

Last September, before the unprecedented demonstrations began, pro-Iranian groups posted on the Internet a kind of "liquidation list", and al-Hashemi and 13 other Iraqi figures were threatened with death.قناة-حزب-الله-تنشر-صورة-ضابط-عراقي-تخوين-وهدر-دم-.html

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Tehran accuses an Iraqi mobile phone company of being involved in the assassination of Engineer and Soleimani

by EditorArab and world news4 Hours ago


The Iranian authorities accused an Iraqi mobile phone company of being involved in the assassination of the chief of the Popular Mobilization Chief of Staff Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and the commander of the Quds Force Qassem Soleimani.

The Iranian “Mehr” news agency stated that the accusation came in the context of the results revealed by the investigation committee on the assassination of Engineer and Suleimani, which indicated that the committee received documents by crowd leaders accusing a mobile phone company of the operation, by providing the US military leadership in "Victoria" base at Baghdad Airport, with the mobile phone database for one of the engineers who was assassinated during the air strike carried out by the American forces early this year, which enabled them to carry out the operation, while the committee confirmed that this information is still under investigation.طهران-تتهم-شركة-عراقية-للهاتف-النقال-ب/

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