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Masoum and Maliki insist on accelerating budget approval and returning displaced people to liberated areas

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Monday, 4 December
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President Fuad Masum and his deputy Nuri al-Maliki on Monday urged the speedy adoption of the budget and the return of displaced people to the liberated areas. 

The office of the Vice President of the Republic in a statement received, Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "Maliki received today, President Fuad Masum and the accompanying delegation, and during the meeting discussed developments and political and security developments in the country and the region. 

"The two sides stressed the need to unify the political discourse and work to overcome the problems and differences, especially with regard to the federal government and the Kurdistan region, and accelerate the adoption of the federal budget, and respect the timing of the elections and provide an appropriate environment for the return of displaced to liberated areas."





On November 18, 2017, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received a voter card from a polling station in Baghdad that the elections would take place on its constitutional date.

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2 hours ago, DIAMOND said:

If maliki is for it, they need to dig a little deeper an find out WHY

Maybe his meeting with the US Vice President Kouchner, put some fire under his azz . and now he is the puppet 

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No thats just the next line on his list of things to say that might help him win some popularity back. Next week itll be some other BS line. Its not like he actually wants any of this to happen, hes a lying piece of Shiite dictator a$$wipe who couldnt tell the truth even if it was the only thing he could say.

In the words of my fellow Clampers... Hang the ba$tard!

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