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Cabinet session headed by Abadi

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The Cabinet discusses the most important points that will speed up the return of Christians to the Nineveh Plain


22nd November, 2017
The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mahdi Al-Aalak, met with Bishop John Botros and representatives of the Christian component of the Qarqoush district of the Nineveh Plain, the most important points that will contribute to the return of the remaining Christian families Displaced outside the judiciary. " 

After receiving an invitation from the Christian delegation to attend a ceremony at the Nimrod Monument, which was destroyed by the organization calling on the terrorist on 10 of next month, Al-Aalak stressed the importance of attending the Christian component at the Ninawa Plain Minority Conference scheduled to be held next month. , And put forward the government's efforts to consolidate and promote stability in that region. "

In turn, the Bishop asked to represent the people of Qarqosh from the Christian component of the administration of municipal departments, education and agriculture and the judiciary in the judiciary, to prevent any demographic change, as it was intended, before the restoration of federal forces control of the Nineveh Plain, "stressing that" the return of more than 4500 Christians to the region since Freed from the hands of organized gangs and up to the moment. "

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Over 4,500 Christians return to Qaraqosh in Nineveh Plain

 22nd November, 2017
Over 4,500 Christians have returned to Qaraqosh town in Nineveh Plain since being recaptured from ISIS, archbishop Yohana Botros revealed Wednesday.  

According to cabinet secretariat’s statement, secretary-general of the cabinet Mahdi al-Alaq met with archbishop Botros and representatives of Christians in Qaraqosh. Al-Alaq also discussed the means that help facilitate the return of displaced families to the town.  Alaq also assured Christians that they will attend Nineveh Plain minorities’ conference, which is scheduled to be held on December 11. 

The conference aims to enhance peaceful co-existence among Nineveh Plain’s minorities and present government proposals to consolidate stability in the area.    Christian residents of Qaraqosh have to be appointed in different municipalities in the town to prevent any demographic changes, archbishop Botros said.   

In August 2014, it was reported that up to a quarter of Iraq's Christians fled after ISIS seized the minority group's biggest town, Qaraqosh.

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Parliamentary Services: "Air Navigation Company" will make Iraq's airports compete with the world

 Since 2017-11-22 at 16:25 (Baghdad time)

 Baghdad - Mawazine News

A member of the parliamentary services committee Sabah al-Tamimi said on Wednesday that the establishment of the air navigation company will make Iraq's airports competitive with world airports.

"The establishment of the air navigation company will make Iraq's airports competitive with world airports," Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by Mawazine News. "Sawt Al-Haq won today after the establishment of this company, which will ensure efficient national administration to manage the Iraqi airspace, In the aviation sector. "

"Through our follow-up, ongoing seminars, television meetings and education on Iraq's ownership of an air navigation company, these efforts were successful today when the Council of Ministers voted to establish a public air navigation company," she said.

The Council of Ministers voted on Tuesday (21 November 2017) to establish the General Company for Air Navigation to ensure efficient national administration to manage the Iraqi airspace and improve the status of workers in this important sector.

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Anti-Money Laundering Strategy



23/11/2017 12:00 am 

Dr.. Bassem Ibrahimi

 It seems that the next battle, the fight against corruption, has begun. This is what can be said, according to the statement of the Prime Minister at his last press conference. The new confrontation was announced in conjunction with the end of the military battle with the terrorist organization "Da'ash" But I will only limit the economic aspect of its implications.

If we want to move towards the stage of development and reconstruction, the elimination of corruption is a necessary condition for that, otherwise, any economic stimulus is dead since birth, not evidenced by the implementation rates in the investment budget in the years of financial abundance, which accounted for only 65 percent of the allocation To find out that these simple percentages are the other were overpaid and above the real proportions  
Confrontation needs more than one mechanism and one of the most important lies in the drying up of the sources of the transfer of dirty money and its movement with the outside world as well as follow-up abroad and here will be a strategy to combat money laundering a key role in that, where the monetary authority preceded the role of government through the completion of the strategy of money laundering and terrorism financing for years (2017-2020), which has been prepared for a long time in cooperation with some international bodies and relevant organizations, which will reach the government in the coming days, as stated by the Governor
 the bank. 
In this context, there is international support for Iraq in this confrontation must be invested. The invitation of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq by the Security Council was an important precedent for the first time, where he made a presentation on the strategy mentioned and what has been achieved so far by the Central Bank by providing some names and companies Which is involved in money laundering and terrorist financing crimes to the judiciary to  
hold them accountable. 
 Members of the Security Council welcomed the steps taken in this  
In line with these trends, sections have been established to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in all the banks operating in Iraq on the basis of the central guidance. The work is being done on building their cadres with specialized courses in order to raise the level of follow-up and diagnosis in the financial sector. A comma in the field of construction and reconstruction, we should all support them with all  

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