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Stopped receiving new threads and posts.

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Hi Mod's 

Im on the "following" lists on these topics VIP, OSI, VND, IRAN . My problem is that I've stopped receiving anything that gets posted .

I tried removing myself and then adding myself back in thinking that maybe it was a glitch in the system but nothing. 

Don't know if you can help me with this but I thought I'd try just the same.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.


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Hmmmm, I'm clueless.  If another mid doesn't come along with a bright idea, you may send a support ticket to Adams office.   

If there's other peeps with the same issue, please post here so we will know if it's an isolated thing or lots of peeps with same problem.  

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The same thing happened to me awhile back after I installed a new update for my AVG virus protection. Everything was sent to Spam I eventually found out. I just clicked on the post " not spam " and eventually I was back to normal.


  Hope that helps some MIT



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The site is still sending emails normally, so my first suspect would be your email provider.


PP is using gmail, so I'm not sure the antivirus update was actually relevant but it's certainly good to keep your software up to date! Most likely it was the "clicking 'not spam'" action that fixed it for them.


MIT, Yahoo may be blocking or spamming our emails. I can't do much about that. :( 

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27 minutes ago, millionaire in training said:

Ok guys so I also have a Gmail account and I have now switch all of my DV stuff to it . Lets see if it works........I'll let you know.


Hi Millionaire In Training and The Best Of Your Day To You! :tiphat:


I made the switch to gmail about a year ago or so and I am so glad I did!


You may want to check the Social and Promotional tabs as well as the Spam folder if You believe You somehow missed a DV email. If a received gmail email ends up in the Social Tab area, Promotional Tab area, or Spam Folder, just left click (and hold down) on the email and drag it onto Your Primary Tab and You should then start receiving Your DV gmail emails in Your Primary Tab.


Go Moola Nova!


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