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Hillar.y Clinton to 'let her guard down' in candid 2016 election memoir

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What Happened, due out in September, will tell her story of the electoral battle with Donald Trump in ‘a deeply intimate account and a cautionary tale for the nation’



Alison Flood

Thursday 27 July 2017 13.33 BST


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Murdering Qaddafi happened !!!

Benghazi happened !!!

Arming Syrian terrorists happened !!!

Selling Uranium One to Russia happened !!!

Paying homage the former leader of the KKK Robert Byrd happened !!!

Pay for Play with the Clinton Foundation happened !!!

Stealing billions from Haiti donations happened !!!

Taking billions from George Soros happened !!!

Taking millions from Saudi Arabia as campaign contributions happened !!!

Taking millions from other foreign governments happened !!!

Rigging the election to beat Bernie happened !!!


Yet this witch will have you believe because she's a mother and grandmother, and a woman, she deserved to be President - but the Russians hacked the election !!!


Now with Pakistani Awan arrested trying to flee the country, I can't wait to find out where this little story will lead - but him and his Muslim Brotherhood buddies it would seem have been stealing secrets from the DNC and other government agencies for years now ... yet the Russian collusion delusion with Donald Trump is more important to the MSM.


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