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Fed Government holding back needed state funds because the State of Florida will not expand the


state's Obamacare program. Gun held to their head. State Atty. General Pam Bondi will pursue case.


Scott announced suit against Obutthead tonight on Fox News............ :twothumbs:

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We saw that on the news here in Florida tonight, too.


This is totally political payback by hobummer for Florida refusing to get one of his stupid exchanges up and running here...


We're one of like 35 States who told hobummer to pound sand with his epic fail lack-o-care....( that's another suit altogether)...


We're sick and damned tired of takin' it in the shorts for all this crap he shoves down this Country's throat....


Someone, somewhere, sometime HAS to take a stand !  

Our Governor, whilst not always popular,

and accused of flip-flopping on issues,

at least has a pair -- and is willing to fight back and see this thing through!


When more than 1/2 of the States say "hell no", that's a MAJORITY !  


This horrible obama-lack-o-care has to be stopped.


God Speed, Governor Rick Scott & Pam Bondi !




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April 16, 2015
Contact: Whitney Ray
Phone: (850) 245-0150      
Attorney General Bondi to Challenge the Obama Administration’s Attempt to Force Florida to Expand Medicaid

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— Attorney General Pam Bondi today announced plans to challenge President Barack Obama’s attempt to withhold Low Income Pool healthcare funding from the state in an effort to force Florida to expand Medicaid.

“We led the lawsuit that stopped the federal government from forcing states to expand Medicaid, and we will not sit by while the Obama administration holds hostage LIP funding in an effort to force the expansion here in Florida,” said Attorney General Bondi. “We are working with Governor Rick Scott to explore our legal options to challenge the President’s gross overreach of power.”

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Take a number . . . stand in line . . . the law suits against O would stretch in litigation long after this wrecking ball of a POTUS is dead. . . people can howl all they want about the injustice of it all . . . the game is rigged folks. You all need to understand that. Your a number and they will bleed you white, then throw you away. Both sides of the aisle are in on the fix . . .  


This is just the opening act of a global power play the likes of which will be a historic and EPIC. Law suit against Obama, really ! Why don't you ask yourselves why so many US commanders are being "forced" into retirement ! Why are exersizes about to be held in the South West US under the guise of a terrorist threat.


Don't take your eyes off the ball, folks. The law suit is a faint - what's really going on and where are the real games taking place ?


Go ahead . . . .BASH and make me laugh . . .  the rest of you get it.

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