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McCain: Obama's place Baghdadi knows will kill him before the 2016 elections


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McCain: Obama's place Baghdadi knows will kill him before the 2016 elections


Follow-Iraq Press -5 January: The chairman of the defense committee in Congress Alamiyki Senator John McCain, US President Barack Obama knows the whereabouts of the leader of the "Daash" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Confirmed a source close to the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said on Monday that "a member of the US Senate briefed Barzani in his recent meeting on the information to confirm that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, under the gaze of the US intelligence community and she knows his whereabouts, moment by moment."


He added, that "McCain urged Kurds patience and endurance and promising" them of more aid in their war against the organization until the resolution of President Obama's theme of "Daash" and its leader before the US presidential elections in 2016 ".

He continued, "The request Barzani Kurds in turn push for a game the American presidency and its aftermath but obligatory for McCain to reject his application, which invited him to issue a statement in which indirectly condemning the US-policy in Iraq."

The President of Kurdistan issued a statement confirming the need "for international cooperation understand the depth of the seriousness of terrorism, and it is not permissible for any country that uses terror as a bargaining because his fire will burn everyone."

This senior officials of the US administration announced in statements to the newspaper (New York Times), "President Barack Obama's campaign against al" Daash ", require three years to complete, which requires constant effort may continue even after the end of the presidential term of Obama."

And expect Foreign Minister Alamerreqi John Kerry in 6 of last September, that takes the efforts of his country to eliminate al Daash which controls large areas in Iraq and Syria, three Aawam.anthy (1)

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I think they should capture him and put a bug in his head so we can listen to the orders he gives , then every time they do something just kill them all and make him feel like the worst leader in history a complete failure on everything he does

Just put him to sleep and when he wakes up he doesn't know it but there's a bug in his nasil passage or his ear canal

If they kill him then there's a new chain of command that they don't know about

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