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Memphis - American Exceptionalism


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Do any of you recognize the name "Memphis" - he is from KTFA  but rarely posts anywhere anymore; instead sends out an email to a list - Someone sent his recent one so I am sharing - It, like everything else lol may be controversial so please do not bash me for posting someone elses perspective on world affairs -  I feel that having other perspectives to compare  broadens our scope of knowledge and enables us to better make up our mind -


Memphis - American exceptionalism (2)

On Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:03 PM, Memphis  wrote:


"Mr. Obama can trumpet American exceptionalism all he wants. He can brag about how ONLY America can lead the world. But the Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank."   ~ Simon Black


This speaks to one of the many paradigm shifts that I have encountered in recent years.  Most of you have likely wrestled with this as well.  Are we, as Americans, special [separate and set apart] in the world and if so, by what virtue did we attain this honor?  


Is it simply because we were not born into some third world nation or was it perhaps simply the hand of Providence?  One could certainly argue that God has had a protective hand upon our nation and that He has been slow to allow judgement but in the final analysis are we TRULY special and immune from all of the world's pain?


Put another way, are the Greek's, the Portuguese, fill in the blank (_____), somehow subject to the world' ups and downs (spelled 'cycles') simply because they had the misfortune of not being born American?  


There is a normalcy bias in most American's that will be shaken to the core before this decade is over.

I never intentionally set out with the mindset of being 'politically incorrect'.  To rub people the wrong way or upset their (mis)perceptions of the world is not a way to reach them and so we must always 'consider our audience'.


Given that I know little to nothing about most of you, my 'audience', my only recourse is to just be true to myself, to tell it like it is. 


Today's subject (again) requires us to be honest with ourselves and to face the reality of what our nation is facing.  I would not feel qualified to even speak along these lines if my world view were an emotional one for that would be at the expense of simply seeing things as they are.  


Tho few people have seen it, the only reason why my words (what I have to say) have ever mattered to anyone is that I have a great capacity to not care!  I want to see things as they are regardless of who wins/loses or who's proven right or wrong.  



Until Aug11 I believed that Mr. Maliki was going to be PM of Iraq for a 3rd term but the important point here is that I didn't care!  I was not emotionally invested in being 'right'.  When I learned of the appointee al-Abadi and his past connections?  


I quickly and UN-emotionally stated publicly of my conviction that he was 'chosen' to be Iraq's new PM.  Had I been emotionally invested?  I would have been disqualified to render any objective opinion.  Hope that makes sense.


As my understanding of the world grows I am becoming less reserved in expressing my views.  In the context of starting a church this would translate into one that is decidedly NOT 'seeker friendly'.  


If folks want their ears tickled at the expense of hearing the truth then 'keep pushing on' as there are plenty of sources available to you.


And so if we adopt this decidedly pragmatic view we are then free to either accept or reject what we are exposed to.  To 'accept' is always the toughest course as it requires that we adjust our perceptions of our world and specifically of America and her future role, the path that we as a people have chosen for our nation (let that one sink in).


The greatest thing that I would point to, the reality that we should be grounded in, is that these blogs have not been based in opinion.  I have been bringing the reader small snapshots of the world, as it truly is, and in so doing my hope is that the individual reader will open up their mind to new possibilities, to be open to change even when it sometimes...hurts.


One of Martin Armstrong's most often repeated phrases is that:   "Opinions mean nothing!"


And he is right.


I try to limit opinions but when offered, attempt to do so based in fact.  The degree to which I succeed is determined within the mind of the individual as it is offered with the hope of provoking thought within you!


The things that I am seeing, the trends that are unfolding, are such that I could never convey them all in these blogs.  My time does not permit and even if one person could compile this mountain of evidences?  Sharing it, expressing it, so as to make it plainly seen by others (who cannot be immersed in it daily) would be impossible!


A recent example (photo at bottom) published just an hour ago by Bloomberg:


1) Several African nations are suddenly revising their 2014 GDP downward.  Means nothing to us right?

Just for fun tho, let's take this snapshot from the micro level and bring it up into the macro discussion.  When we do this we quickly recognize that, coincidentally, THESE SAME NATIONS have seen an outbreak of Ebola in recent months.  


Add to this that THESE SAME NATIONS have each had major oil & Natural gas discoveries made in 2012-2013 and have chosen to sell the rights for mining to companies from........China and Russia?


Can we open our minds to the possibility that the economic warfare being waged in many places might also be presenting in the form of a sick and twisted 'viral' warfare?  If this hurts your brain to even think about?  I get it.  It hurts mine too.


I hope this blog makes sense and does not appear to be just a random filling of space for it seemed important to have this discussion (even if only by way of reminder) to prepare us all to fully appreciate some realities that follow in today's blog from Simon Black.  


As we pause to read his words consider that they are not of any deep or revelatory nature.  I was not shaken by any deep truths here but on the whole, it is of value to read (to study this out) for he is a clear thinker who sees the world better than most.  

note: JC Collins released a new blog last night that takes the reader higher in their perspective.


 It is well worth your consideration at



nftflogo.png  pic did not post sorry - could not find






September 11, 2014  Santiago, Chile

Governments and mainstream media outlets have a great way of presenting sensational threats and evil villains.


They want us to be terrified of men in caves, roving bands of barbarians, and deadly viruses that turn our insides out.

Last night, for example, President Obama told the world that ISIL poses the most significant threat to global security.


(Ironically al-Qaida no longer seems to be a threat, and ISIL, which no one had heard of until a few months ago, is now public enemy #1. It just goes to show how shallow and reactionary the security theater is…)


But here’s the truth:


If you live in the Land of the Free, you’re far more likely to get ‘accidentally’ shot by a police officer than blown up by a terrorist.

You’re also far more likely to lose the preponderance of your life’s savings due to a currency crisis than you are to be infected with the Ebola virus.


Words are hollow. Look at reality.

Mr. Obama said last night that America stands for Freedom. Justice. Dignity.


It sounds great. But this comes from a President that has presided over illegal spying of American citizens, allies, and even sitting politicians in Congress.


They assassinate people by remote control drones. They aggressively pursue whistleblowers who shine a spotlight on their activities. And they set aside international law to invade any country of their choosing in their sole discretion.


They’re also actively encouraging the collapse of the dollar-denominated financial system.

Right now, the preponderance of world trade is transacted and settled in US dollars.


This has created tremendous demand from literally billions of people, companies, banks, and governments around the world to hold dollars and use the US banking system.


As a result, the US effectively gets to trade money they have conjured out of thin air for goods and services that foreigners have had to work hard to produce.


This is an unbelievable privilege for the US, and one that they have been abusing for years.


They have chased entire nations out of the financial system. They’ve blasted foreign banks with debilitating penalties for doing business with countries the US doesn’t like.


They’ve arrogantly commanded foreign banks to comply with absurd, costly regulations.


And they’ve practically forced the Chinese and Russians into bed with one another.


Mr. Obama can trumpet American exceptionalism all he wants. He can brag about how ONLY America can lead the world. But the Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank.


Fact is, China, Russia, and others are already taking steps to circumvent the US dollar and the US financial system.

The world is desperate for an alternative to the dollar and China is about to give one to them.


This isn’t any cloak and dagger stuff. It’s happening in broad daylight for everyone to see like a slow-moving train wreck.

The government is turning your country into a police state, and they’re destroying the value of your currency.


These are the real threats to your life and livelihood. Not ISIL. Not al-Qaida. Not Ebola. Ignore the propaganda and see for yourself.

 Until tomorrow,   Simon Black 
Senior Editor,


Although this blog from Simon Black finishes with some powerful words, I hope that many of you noted that Simon seems to be oblivious to the forces behind this shifting in the world economy from west to east.  I do not know how much the man understands of these matters but for us we must keep the fight inside the bar.  


In reference to a JC Collins analogy, do not let your opponent reframe the debate and take you away from those things that you hold on to for the adversary is not our president.  Stay in the bar (keep your elevated perspective) to hold your fight.

We can throw stones at many groups and people (I have a long list of 'characters') but we must always remain elevated and NEVER lose sight of what is truly taking place.  


The world's economies are in trouble and this is not some grand accident.  There are two separate truths in that sentence and I am daily confronted with new information that speaks to the reality each of them.  Thru an ongoing process of comparing and contrasting all that I know it is clear that the day of reckoning cannot be put off forever.


Tho we have had some good (and seemingly deep) discussions this year, in reality and by design, nearly all that we have discussed has stopped short of the whole.  Very rarely have we drawn conclusions from the big picture, macro level.  


The macro view has become such that I hesitate to speak on these matters.  The above words in bold font and underlined are a clue.  If you have not gotten some glimpse of what these conclusions might be then you would never accept such analysis anyway!  In my experience, forgive the analogy yet again, most people do not want to be fully unplugged from the matrix for fear that their brain would melt! 


A guideline that I use in L@@King at the world:


1) If you watch TV or other mainstream media for your news it should only be done with a contrarian mindset.  If we fail in this we will have misperceptions and these will cause us to totally miss the mark.


2) There is much in the alternate news that is equally misleading.  I have attempted to point to this in recent months to draw attention to it as it is a big problem!  


3) To survive steps 1 and 2, seek out the truth for yourself.  I have been careful to offer many sources to follow.  All the 'noise' that is thrown at you will then (over time) become apparent.  In time, thru exercise, you will even begin to discern it's stench from a distance!

Blessings,  Memphis

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UNEEK......thank you! Interesting discourse!


Our main domestic (and global) problem is having an ineffectual prez, whom I'm sure by now, wishes that he

was anyplace but tied to the Oval Office!....................... :facepalm:

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