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Prayer request for my grandson

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Heavenly Father in heaven, great and mighty is your name and power. Lord Jesus in the gospel of Mark when you saw the faith of the friends of the paralytic that cut the hole in the roof of the over crowded house your compasion was moved and you called the paralytic man son and you forgave him of his sins, you cleansed him, and then healed him. From the mouth of the Savior you said to your disciples when they thought to send away the children that were trying to see you on a most busy day for you, whatever you do to the least of these that you also do to me. You identified with the children calling them beloved, your compasion moved again upon them. I pray oh heavely Father that your compassion pours out on this child in the womb and that youu cover and protect this child bringing them forth healthy and happy. A miracle child, marked by your hand, and destined to impact this world for your glory alone. In Jesus's name I pray. In Jesus's name we pray. Amen.

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Thank you all so much. Mom has a check-up at 9 am, we'll see if she's progressing at all. She's been dilated to 1 cm for 2 weeks. (If you aren't up to snuff on that stuff, she could be at 1 for the rest of her term, or farther... she's due 9/11.) I'm hoping she will deliver soon, but it's in God's time. I just hope she doesn't deliver on Saturday, my sweet Heather's second angelversary in our Heavenly home. Then again, if she is, it will give me more cause for celebration on that date instead of the deep dark sadness that prevails. 


God's blessings be upon each of us and our families as we seek to know and do his will.



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