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Iraq to pay 11 billion dollars in compensation to Kuwait ?

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Anyone catch this article yet ???????????


Khandan – The Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler expressed satisfaction that the outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq had “almost been settled,” stressing the need to enter the relations between the two countries a new stage.

Kobler said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after a briefing given last night in front of the UN Security Council on the work of the UN mission to help in Iraq (UNAMI), “I am very satisfied that the files between Iraq and Kuwait had almost settled.”

Kobler expressed satisfaction with the progress that has been made during the months ago in relation to the settlement of a number of decisions that keep them compensation decisions that must be implemented and when you pay $ 11 billion dollars in compensation, it will be closed as well.

He called for “entering a new phase of relations between the peoples of the two countries and not only the exchange of politicians but members of parliament and youth groups and football clubs in addition to women’s associations,” he said, adding that now the right time, especially after resolving the outstanding issues in Chapter VII.


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It was kinda late in the evening when I posted this . . . forgot to ask if y'all think it's a cryptic heads up that Iraq will pay off Kuwait sooner rather than later, or just a load of crap !

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    • By yota691
      19-09-2020 05:03 PM Al-Kazemi discusses with Plasschaert joint cooperation to hold early elections
      Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya
      The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received today, Saturday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blashardt.

      During the meeting, they discussed joint cooperation with the UN mission in the field of coordination to hold early legislative elections, scheduled to take place in June of next year, and its role in monitoring to ensure free and fair elections.

      The role of the United Nations Mission in the issue of the displaced persons file was also discussed, and governmental efforts focused on resolving this file as soon as possible were discussed.
    • By yota691
      Blackshart to "Al-Sabah": transparent elections will rebuild the confidence of the public
      Monday 13 July 2020 234

        Baghdad / Hazem Muhammad Habib 
      The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blashardt, confirmed the continued support of the International Organization for the Iraqi government in its efforts to combat the Corona pandemic, and working closely with the Ministry of Health to provide all means of assistance in the framework of the epidemic encirclement, as the UN representative welcomed With the Iraqi-American dialogue and any other dialogue that contributes to the stability and prosperity of Iraq and its sovereignty in the long term, renewing the call for Iraq to avoid competing interests between regional and global opponents, and called Balsakhar in a private dialogue held with her "Al-Sabah" to continue working for transparent elections "to return Building the confidence of the Iraqi public, stressing the need to protect the Independent High Electoral Commission from political interference.

      Corona pandemic On the UN assessment of the government's efforts to confront the Corona pandemic and its procedures, and the role of the United Nations in supporting Iraq in facing the pandemic financially and morally, Blackshart explained, “On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced the WHO Covid virus - 19 global pandemics, and called on countries to activate mechanisms Responding to and expanding the emergency, and adopting an approach (the whole government and the whole society) which is based on a comprehensive strategy to prevent infection, save lives and reduce impact. The representative of the United Nations adds, "Iraq is particularly vulnerable due to the limited health services and due to its geographical location in a region that records large numbers of Covid-19 cases," stressing by saying, "Despite the limited capabilities and resources, the government's response to the pandemic was rapid, I must emphasize that it is an Iraqi effort led by the national authorities, with United Nations support with advice and technical expertise, as well as the transfer of some financial contributions from programs to purchase equipment. ” “With the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), the government has developed a response plan, and since mid-March, the following measures have been taken: examining and tracking contacts and isolating suspected cases, imposing movement restrictions and curfews, closing borders and launching a social awareness campaign, stopping gatherings Libya or reduce its size, including religious visits, "noting that" Iraq has achieved success in the early stages of its war against the pandemic, but the situation is witnessing a rise in the number of cases recently, and this can be attributed to the increase in examinations and monitoring, as well as weakness Adhere to and implement preventive measures.   United Nations efforts Blackshart indicated, “The United Nations in Iraq is currently working closely with the Ministry of Health and health partners to facilitate checks, establish emergency operations centers, prevent and control infections in health care institutions, and collect, analyze and publish information related to the outbreak and response to it. This support includes the deployment of health teams Mobile, shipments of PPE, medical devices and equipment (oxygen capacitors, ICU screens, hospital beds, etc.) and laboratory test kits, and extensive risk communication services. ” She added, “For example but not limited to, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) equipped 13 intensive care units in the under-served governorates, with 240 respirators, pacemakers, monitors, and the specialized family, earlier this month. WHO has transferred 300 oxygen concentrators from its regional stores to Iraq to deal with the immediate shortage of oxygen supplies in the country, and other countries have contributed supplies directly to the Iraqi authorities.   The Special Representative stated, “The United Nations, in close cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Health, prepared a preparedness and response plan worth $ 41 million to strengthen the health system and infrastructure in Iraq. Several United Nations organizations have allocated millions of dollars in response plans, and activities include the purchase of medical equipment Important tasks such as respirators, the establishment of isolation units, the provision of personal protection equipment for health care workers and the training of staff, and these efforts also include coordinating the supply of inspection kits and personal protective equipment, providing technical support to border outlets and airports, strengthening communication and disseminating information, and supporting case management and examination. . Blackshart touched on the efforts made by the United Nations to provide support to the displaced in the camps inside the country, and she said: “Special attention has been paid to the displaced and refugees in the camps through the expansion of the emergency response and preparedness plans to deal with the epidemic in the camps, and UNHCR has arrived. UNHCR and the World Food Program WFP to over 700,000 people with cash assistance, which allowed IDPs and refugees to purchase necessary hygiene items and other items. The International Organization for Migration also provides cash assistance to vulnerable migrants who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and works with government agencies to enhance capacity when Border entry points for a comprehensive response to the dynamics of human mobility and outbreak trends. During her talk to Al-Sabah, the UN actress sent a message to the Iraqi people and official institutions in the country. She said: “I visited the Ministry of Health in Baghdad recently to deliver a simple and urgent message that (we must remain committed to fighting the spread of Covid-19 at every level, but mainly Through our individual actions), this disease has burdened much more prepared countries than Iraq, and no government can act on its own, so given that we still do not have a vaccine, prevention measures remain our best tool (physical separation, proper hygiene) , And seek treatment without fear or shame) ”. Blackshart stressed "the importance of awareness campaigns carried out by various United Nations entities, including on prevention, hygiene and the role of the public and the media", stressing that "prevention and awareness campaigns are our first and last line of defense in the absence of medicine or vaccine for this disease, and during this month A major awareness campaign was launched on Covid-19 targeting 10 high-risk areas and high infection rates in Baghdad, where about 5 million people live, with volunteers roaming the streets to provide important information and distribute personal protection packages. The campaign also included support from prominent religious figures who mobilized Thousands of mosques across the country to spread voice messages, ”she said.“ This campaign will expand to include other provinces with a high incidence of infection, such as Sulaimaniya, Maysan, Wasit, and Basra. UNICEF earlier this month trained about 150 health personnel in sterilization, health care and communication services. On risks in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic.In turn, these workers will train their colleagues. ” She emphasized that "this is a national effort to reduce and flatten the curve, and I hope that everyone will work together to achieve this goal. Local, regional and national health authorities can continue to rely on the constant support of the United Nations."   The Iraqi-American dialogue The file of the Iraqi-American talks was present in talking to Blackshart, and by asking her about the support of the United Nations those talks on the basis of common interests between the two countries and support for the sovereignty of Iraq, the UN official stressed that "the United Nations in Iraq, and in line with its mandate, supports the sovereignty of Iraq, and we We support the efforts of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in this regard, especially its fight against terrorism. ISIS has been defeated militarily, but it remains a threat. Therefore, continuing discussions on how to move forward on this issue with the United States is a constructive matter, and certainty with other countries that have The interest also, based on respect for sovereignty and mutual interests. ”She said:“ We welcome this Iraqi-American dialogue, and any other dialogue that contributes to long-term stability, prosperity, and sovereignty of Iraq. ” It should be noted that the strategic dialogue with the United States is not limited to security and counter-terrorism. It also extends to economics and energy, political issues and cultural relations, and Blackshart has indicated that dialogue "helps to form a long-term strategic relationship that benefits both parties, and should be encouraged." And on the United Nations view of the extent of the Al-Kazemi government’s ability to take serious steps to keep Iraq away from tensions or competition, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations said: “Iraq faces multiple social, political, security, economic and health challenges, and it will require broad support to overcome these issues, and the government emphasizes in Its program is national sovereignty, balanced relations and cooperation as the three pillars of its foreign relations agenda. Blackshart asserted, “Our call to spare Iraq the competition of interests between regional and global opponents is not new, as we reaffirm it on every occasion. Iraq deserves an opportunity to recover after years of instability, and we believe that protecting Iraq from regional polarization will help Iraqis find solutions For their many internal problems on their own, ”she added,“ in the medium to long term, it is also important to pay attention to a stronger and more prosperous Iraq that can become a forum for regional dialogue rather than an arena for proxy conflict. ”   Election file Regarding the early elections and the possibility of them being held, Blashardt explained, “The government of Iraq has pledged to hold early, free, fair and credible elections.” But she added: “However, the government cannot achieve this alone, it needs the support of political forces in the parliament and outside it, and we hope to That the government and political forces cooperate to achieve this goal, and thus meet one of the major popular demands and aspirations. ” Blackshart pointed out that "organizing elections takes time, and it is important to feel the urgency of this issue, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to conduct the elections, including the completion of technical annexes to the election law, and it is important that this be done correctly", stressing that " Transparent elections are necessary to build public confidence. ” She stressed that "the United Nations is mandated to provide advice and technical support to Iraqi national institutions, and we do so, and we will continue to provide all the advice and support required, and we reaffirm our firm view that these elections must be led by Iraqis and owned by Iraqis, and for the elections to be credible and acceptable." For all Iraqis, the Independent High Electoral Commission must be protected from political interference. She added, “Providing advice, support and assistance to the government to promote comprehensive political dialogue and national and community reconciliation is an important part of the mandate of the (UNAMI) mission, and support for refugees and displaced persons is another role for the United Nations family in Iraq, and this means that there is a possibility for the United Nations to foster dialogue and rapprochement, including This includes the issue of the displaced, in coordination with the Government of Iraq. Blackshart concluded her dialogue with Al-Sabah by talking about the United Nations' evaluation of Iraq’s foreign policies during the current stage, where she said: “It appears that the Iraqi government is working to build balanced and mutually beneficial relations with countries in the region, strategic partners and the rest of the international community, which is encouraging.” She added, “These relations are particularly important in these difficult times, as Iraq needs continuous external support on a wide range of internal issues - such as implementing reforms, addressing health and economic crises, combating ISIS, and maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity,” indicating that “the United Nations welcomes and supports Any peaceful and diplomatic endeavors to resolve outstanding issues, and we are ready to provide advice, support and assistance to the Government of Iraq in facilitating regional dialogue and cooperation. ”
    • By Butifldrm
      Presidential President Important  Speaker of the House of Representatives meets with the United Nations envoy in Iraq
       25/07/2019 The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al Halbusi met on Thursday with the United Nations envoy in Iraq, Ms. Jeanine Henness Blachkart, in the presence of the head of the Electoral Assistance Office, Mr. Amir Arin.
      The meeting discussed the importance of approving the draft law for the first amendment to the law of elections of provincial councils not organized in the province and districts of its No. 12 of 2018, voted by the House of Representatives last Monday.
      The meeting discussed the necessity of providing the necessary supervision and possibilities for the success of the elections, and the importance of the oversight role of the Parliament to monitor the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission, and to address all the previous problems and ensure the integrity of the elections and transparency to ensure the participation of the largest number. In cooperation with international organizations.
      The Speaker also discussed mechanisms for the participation of the displaced in these elections, enabling them to obtain the biometric card and access to polling stations.
      For her part, Jenin Plachkart said that the UN mission supports all measures to achieve elections in accordance with international standards, and to enhance confidence-building and address all past problems and obstacles.
      Information Office 
      of the President of the House of Representatives 
      July 25, 2019رئيس-مجلس-النواب-يلتقي-مبعوثة-الأمم-ال-2/
    • By yota691
      Security Council extends the work of the UN mission, "UNAMI" in Iraq
      Political  Since 15.07.2017 at 10:56 (Baghdad time)
      Baghdad balances News
      Adopted UN Security Council on Saturday adopted a resolution extending the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, "UNAMI", until 31 July 2018.
      The Council expressed in its resolution, drafted by Washington today grave concern at "the current security situation in Iraq caused by the continued presence of terrorist groups and the threat posed by these groups, particularly the organization of Daesh", calling on all political entities in Iraq, to "intensify efforts to overcome divisions and engage in the inclusive political process, and in the dialogue contributes to meaningful and lasting solution to the current challenges facing the country. "
      He urged the Council, who carried number "2367" the decision of the Iraqi government to strengthen governance and the fight against corruption and the promotion of human rights and the rule of law and to improve the conditions of women, particularly affected them organized Daesh ", stressing the need for" respect for all parties, including armed groups and militias, rights rights and to fulfill all commitments under international humanitarian law, including those relating to the protection of civilians and displaced persons returning to their areas liberated from the grip of the organization Daesh. "
      The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, the UN Security Council was informed late on Friday evening, that "the situation in Iraq is unstable, despite Iraqi troops entered the city of Mosul and wrested from the grip of the organization Daesh. He asked in a report submitted to the members of the Council to" approval to extend the United Nations Mission in Iraq for a year. "
      The mission of the United Nations to help Iraq, "UNAMI", which the Security Council renewed its mandate in July of each year, is a political mission established by the UN Security Council Resolution 1500 in 2003.
      Mission undertakes to provide advice and assistance to the Government and people of Iraq within several areas, including the payment of a comprehensive political dialogue and national reconciliation and to assist in the electoral process and in the planning of the national census and to facilitate regional dialogue between Iraq and its neighbors, and to promote the protection of human rights and judicial and legal reform, and working with government partners and civil society for the coordination of humanitarian and development efforts of United Nations agencies, funds and Bramjha.anthy 29
    • By DWS112
      United Nations renews its commitment to support Iraq to overcome the financial crisis and defeat terrorism - 06/20/2016

      [Oan- Baghdad] 
      new Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs of the United Nations Mission [UNAMI] to Iraq , George Boston United Nations commitment to continuously support to Iraq to overcome the economic crisis and achieve victory over terrorism. The words of Boston during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs and multiple relationships parties Omar Barzanji Sunday in the fourth office building of the ministry. 
      He praised the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry , "during the meeting victories Thakguetha security Iraqi forces editing Fallujah of terrorist Daash gangs," adding that "Iraq fighting terrorism on behalf of the world ,and that the Iraqi security forces achieved a great and honorable victories over terrorism and the next destination is editing city of Mosul humpback. " 
      and the price Alborznge" the role of the United Nations in supporting and assign the Iraqi government over the face of political and security, economic and humanitarian challenges and the fight against terrorism, "praising" United Nations positions towards Iraq. "
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