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Not really a rumor but no link yet. On the news today

Guest marketralley

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Guest marketralley

It had a segment on the Iraq currency. They said there is a meeting tomorrow 3/8/2010 about the Dinar and the current rate. I just caught the ending and did not notice what time the meeting is or if it is the Usa or Iraq or other.

Does anybody else happen to know of a meeting tomorrow?

I will keep watching the news and update if I find out more.


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The only meeting that I know of that is going on is the UN press conference at noon EST ... here's that link. Maybe someone else has seen something on the IQD ... the UN meeting could possibly be on Chapt 7 but should not be the announcement (CBI, etc). I hope that it helps as I've not seen anything else all day.

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Guest marketralley

IT was on Fox news channel. PEg...Please read the entire question before you ask a question. I stated that I do not know where the meeting is, and that is the question that you asked me...

Anyway, IT was on Fox news that is always on, if anybody has fox news channel ( not fox 5 ) but fox news channel ( similiar to cnn) watch it if you can. I have tried to but I am busy. Anyway, definetly good news when its on the news and they are talking about good things about Iraq and their money ( dinar) rate.

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This was posted earlier by someone ... here it is again ... link:

I'm pretty sure this is out of UN in New York ... there normal press conferences ....

Press conferences

The schedule below is tentative; up-to-date information can be obtained

at .

Monday, 8 March 2010

Dag Hammarskj

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