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  1. If you are being influenced through your "dreams", Be aware that not every spirit is from God. There are counterfeiters in the spirit world.Satan Himself has been transformed into an angel of light.Most of the extra ordinary " miracles" out there today are counterfeit or at best, misplaced emotions. Any experiences, even Dreams, that tend to minimize the Bible and overemphasize experience based on what we feel as opposed to Fact , that which God reveals to us through scripture cannot be counted as trustworthy.God doesnt need to communicate to us through dreams, visions,or unknown jibberi
  2. I admit when I saw the name Okie, my better judgement said " dont bother" but then I looked and he had 10,000 hits. What is wrong with you people? I include myself in this criticism, alas I too have been suckered.
  4. I say had the man inspected the rooms on the first floor he probably would have found one that suited his needs, everybody in town is satisfied. And the hotel owner gets to keep the 100 bucks.
  5. Had I known it wasnt gonna happen LAST monday, I may have waited to pee on the bosses desk the previous Friday.
  6. Dalevoss, thanks for that, I was laughing out loud. But remember this, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!! Lets hope he has stumbled over the nut.
  7. And to think , I used to eat there just for the M.S.G. alone.
  8. Well if you take the number of people on chat and divide that by the number of times we have been misled , take that number and round up to the members of the iraq parliment who are currently seated, ask me a number between 1 and 25 , it will give you just as good a date and rate as we have seen in the last six months. Ofcourse don`t hold me to this my intel is only human.
  9. The little boy who cried "wolf, wolf" has nothing on T.Ks postings .Lol prove me wrong please prove me wrong .
  10. He`s done so much, with so little, for so long, he feels that he could do just about anything with practically nothing at all. Let that one soak in for a while. lol.
  11. I agree why isnt his post (s) automatically forwarded to " Duhnar Rumors"
  12. watching every news channel available including cnn though it pains me to do so.
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