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  4. How many countries have and will have gold exchanges?
  5. They lost control the day the iranian General got people just don’t read between the lines...Iraq is moving to gold backed and joining BBRICS
  6. Every country will be going digital some are way ahead of others
  7. great source of news definitely read this thread.....
  9. anything to do with BRICS countries joining please post here in this thread
  10. we will see the GCC Currency and a Asian backed Regional Currency as well......also remember that in Dec 2019 Foreign Exporting countries did not sign on to accept US treasury bills in trade, no more USD. Countries will trade in their own asset backed currencies.
  11. . I found this Video, take it for whats its worth alot of verifiable points and links.....I have been saying September for a reason now it like the EBS could be activated sooner before fall and we could see a reset. Lets not forget there have been a number of asian countries joing BRICS as Observers along with Turkey, Iran and Argentina now! its moving at a fast pace!
  12. Kaperoni is a know what a market economy is? It’s called “oil and gas” they already have a market economy
  13. There will be always be corruption, have told everyone numerous times, look at kuwait and their history of parliament. Will never be eliminated if you think this will hold up rv it will never happen
  14. Rate will change in September, yep I am calling it when the system worldwide resets back to gold standard Iraq rate will change
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