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  1. Glad u are back n ok I will be leaving again on vacation. Flight is tomorrow...cheers
  2. These people are gonna show up on Sunday and complete the discussion of the discussion
  3. the session will DISCUSS the developments in the country and the package of government reforms and the demands of the demonstrators." The word discuss has been discuss too many times....these knuckleheads I tell you...lmao
  4. Hey bro...rate was at 1usd= 1176iqd earlier..very erratic today bro
  5. Current price for iqd to usd---->1iqd= .00084643usd
  6. Hey bro, cheers always
  7. is serious about the reform process from the beginning of its formation and is proceeding with the implementation of its reform plans and procedures. Is serious? That means they are still thinking. Is proceeding with the implementation of its reform?...that tells me they haven't done it but is knuckleheads lol
  8. Time SATURDAY November, 02 2019 SUBSCRIBE Business And Markets November 01, 2019 19:22 Regulated Forex Market Awaiting Okay From Iran's CB
  9. The Bro’s (Achmed 6ly And Hakeem Navira) Were Just Spotted On A Runaway Camel At ‘Breaking Wind’ Speed - Heading For Habboubi Square With Mardi Gras Beads ! lmao bro thug
  10. Trump n Saleh... this was probably their agreement behind their closed meeting
  11. Saleh is probably gonna take over for the main time
  12. It looks like it bro
  13. Saleh was at the white house recently with Trump...they had a closed meeting...the meeting was probably about replacing Madhi with the guy they already had in mind.
  14. They'll come up with someone to replace him...maybe this weekend....and watch the rate on iqd when that happens...the rate is already down from 1190..cheers bro
  15. A source is likely to discuss the House of Representatives today the resignation of Abdul Mahdi Policy 2019-10-31 | 01:37
  16. Xe just went down a little at 1185
  17. This is great news to me posted by bro thug: 2000 ATM outlets for the distribution of emergency grant among the unemployed Tuesday, October 29, 2019
  18. I I watching ....cheers bros
  19. US President Donald Trump has confirmed the death of the leader of the Islamic State (EI) terrorist group , Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, in a US special forces operation in Idlib, northwestern Syria. The president has made the declaration from the White House after a raid was reported against a "high-value IS target", made after midnight from Saturday to Sunday in the town of Barisha, bordering with Turkey. "Last night, the US brought the number one terrorist in the world to justice. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is dead," Trump said.
  20. Happy u are back bro.
  21. Advertising Trump: Baghdadi blew himself up with an explosive belt with his children Localities 2019-10-27 | 09:24
  22. Reuters: Iraq received confirmation from inside Syria that Baghdadi was killed security 2019-10-27 | 02:12 Baghdad was reading his life insurance before he was killed
  23. President Donald Trump will make a "major statement" to the nation at 9 a.m. ET Sunday, the White House said. It wasn't immediately clear what Trump would discuss in his speech. Trump tweeted Saturday night that "Something very big has just happened!" but did not follow up with further details.
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