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  1. What do u need to know in that graph?...other than more money needed to support their spending habit...
  2. Representatives expect Saleh to occupy the position of Prime Minister Policy 2019-12-16 | 14:38 Source: the morning 4,886 views
  3. Saleh may be named as prime minister
  4. Trump will sign off on it this weekend
  5. China n US trade deal may have an impact....but will have to see...cheers all
  6. Yup...and that guru crackhead(Jeff) is sharing it to his people like it was written recently
  7. Hey bro...just enjoying my long vacation bro. Won't be back home til at least 10 months... I won't be in calif when i get back..I'll be in hawaii...cheers bro.
  8. The only person that can make these f$/&**ers move and get things done fast is----->Saddam, lol.
  9. Hawaii is where iam heading 10 months from now...right now, iam loving where iam...cheers all
  10. Grave surrender is what we are waiting on...what could it be?
  11. The Prime Minister has resigned. Thank God. It is the first fruits of the revolution and not the last...thanks bro thug. We may hear about the new PM likely this week
  12. Iraq will come up with a PM who is not controlled by Iran(not an Iranian influence). Madhi is controlled by Iran...he has done not much a great deal to Iraq...just promises like all the PMs before him. Let's hope that the people will finally get their demands for the future of all the Iraqis.
  13. PM finally agree to resign....he needs to go. Good news
  14. 50 New CBI Platform to Oversee Open Banking, Regulated Forex Operations New CBI Platform to Oversee Open Banking, Regulated Forex Operations ..... The Central Bank of Iran has developed a new platform, Diba, to supervise open banking operations, says Aboutaleb Najafi, CEO of Informatics Services Corporation, noting that regulated forex market is also planned to function on this platform. "Diba is a regulatory platform like Shaparak, which was developed to regulate the operation of payment service provider companies. Banks h
  15. I read an initial an agreement between the isn't looking good lol. I want to see they start now because if u give these fools time, they will always change their mind when that time comes for them to implement the agreement...shaking my head
  16. Hope so...they had reached agreement like this before. Hope this time is for real but there is always that doubts with these knuckleheads
  17. Here waiting on my flight n reading ur post lol
  18. Thanks PP..really glad u are back. I was worried about u...cheers
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