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  1. Dinar on deposit in an Iraqi bank will automatically revalue to the international date. Many people plan to leave the money in the account rather than transfer the funds to US based banks. Obtain a debit card to use against the funds on deposit in Iraq. Also, investing in Iraq will be one of the best investments in the world. Open an ISX account, buy an index fund then watch it grow. Repatriating funds may create a taxable event. Before doing anything with the Iraqi funds, professional advice from a tax attorney, an investment advisor familiar with Iraqi investments would be my first move.
  2. So Warka Bank is still open? I'm really encouraged that interest is still being paid. There has been no response to my email correspondence since August, 2013. Same email addresses to Mr. ISSA and c.accounts as before. Really would like to know the status of my USD and IQD/N accounts. Is there another individual to contact? Since they appear to still be in business, how does one apply for a Warka Bank Visa Card? Thanks to all...... GM
  3. Thank you phlip for this update of the WARKA/CBI legal decision. Also interesting was the description of the bank in virtual hibernation. No wonder my emails were unanswered since last year. Feeling a little better now about money on deposit. Earning interest during this period is a nice surprise.
  4. There is a report that this info from Eagle1 was first published February 27, 2013 and reproduced on NEASRA in March, 2013. A member on another board resurrected this post a couple of days ago and has been circulating as new information.
  5. Central Banks deal with banks not consumers or individual businesses. Something is wrong here.
  6. Reports I've read indicate that "Equity" positions (shareholders) will be possibly lost/liquidated. Depositors are not owners/shareholders. My hope is that the deposits will be assumed or transferred to another Iraqi bank.
  7. Terms limits..... Wish we could term limit congress. After a while... too much self interest rather than national interest becomes the focus of elected officials. How often do we see enthusisatic elected newbies head to DC only to be gradually turned within a year or two. A recently released prison serving lobbyist described the "turning" process as newly elected officials arrive in DC. Their own parties introduce them to lobbyist who begin the money game toward reelection and special interest legislation. Keep the two year term on any president and push for two term limit on members of t
  8. I have a WARKA account and no email. I doubt WARKA would send emails to customers asking them to withdraw money.
  9. Good company and been around a while. I've bought from them without a problem.
  10. Dinar dealers make a distinction when purchasing circulated vs. uncirculated. More is paid for uncirculated. Otherwise, upon cash difference as long as the circulated is in reasonalbe shape. A couple of years ago, I remember a post about dinar with printing on the bill and the CBI would not take the bills. In the past, I have sent slightly marked bills to WARKA Bank as a deposit without a problem. (Option not available now).
  11. Oh!..... A community organizer is much more qualified than an executive in a billion dollar private business enterprise. Please take a chart and outline pros and cons of each individual.... I'm certain Trump can produce a valid birth certificate, produce all school records and will not demand that his past be sealed by the US courts. To state that Trump has no expertise is quite naive and uninformed.
  12. Wish I had 5/3 or TD near me. I'm sure there are others in my situation. In the long run, what does $200 really mean considering the upside?
  13. Bane....... Try asking Shabibi. Not even the Conspiracy folks know.
  14. Thanks to Phoenix for the post. For those who mock the existance of ancient Sumeria, please investigate and broaden your knowledge of the importance of ancient culture in our current lives. For those who refuse to believe the existence of powerful greed, please do your due diligence by studying... for starters..... the Federal Reserve.... which was started by seven banks and is not owned by you and me. FED education begins by reading at least one book on the subject, so start with The Monster from Jekell Island and/or anything written by Eustis Mullins (now deceased). To bash Phoenix (or a
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