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  1. Tigergorzow , isis terrorists are getting what they deserve . No surprise that they are killing their wounded . Thanks for your posts
  2. Back in the $5.26 days , many of us reasoned that the dinar would come in at least par with Kuwait
  3. Once banks are involved in foreign currency exchanges , the currency auctions will be over , and that should mean RV While I am as anxious as anybody for an RV , I am also glad that Iraq is taking strong measures to eliminate fraud
  4. After all these years ,long term investors like me have become very jaded in in our response to even the most positive news . In the olden days , back at least 10 years , we thought it was imminate , tomorrow ! Wow ,how naive we were ,but now we are there
  5. Good thinking ahead of time to print currency that is virtually uncounterfeitable . The reason that the $25k notes smell weird is that the rich red color is made from oxblood . Take a black light to it,and it reveals security features that you can't IMAGINE . The paper is super high quality ,similar to rice paper . It was printed in Switzerland and paid for by the US . Rather than counterfeit at huge expence and risk , buy the real stuff .
  6. "A thousand points of light coming together ... " . As an artist , I am reaching for a perfection that only God can create . There;s a mantra among artists , " It's all about the light"
  7. I've been in this for 12 years . There is no question in my mind that those who follow through with this investment will be rewarded . If my house caught on fire ,I would grab two things ,my dog and my dinar ,in that order . I've learned so much from chasing this ,including how to use a computer. I enjoyed my years chatting with fellow investors on dinar speculator until I was kicked off by med for using the phrase ,"paradigm shift " .
  8. This new measure certainly alludes to an approaching rv . They don't concern themselves in counterfeit ,as it is mucho cheaper and legal to buy the real notes . Uncounterfeitable ,new word .
  9. Am I correct in assuming that at this point Iraq is not a sovereign nation until it has a viable currency ?
  10. According to Fox News , Abadi will be coming to the US next Tuesday to meet with our President . Hmmmm....
  11. Way back when ,it was alleged that around the same time that Saddam;s statue was toppled ,the US raided whatever entity held major Iraq assets ,gold ,cash . Logic holds up this premise ; we certainley would not have left it behind . Memory tells me that it was around 4 trill US , enough to pay for the Iraqi war
  12. Am I correct in assuming that Isis is being chased inward on all sides so they can be surrounded and clobbered ?
  13. Thank God for Trump ,and thank God for the people who supported him . Many people know that Trump invested in dinar many years ago ,$30 mill US .
  14. Aircraft should always carry a pig on board ,pigs every where ,at large events ,etc . . Pig Airlines ! No 89 virgins ,and eternal hell to look forward to if you die in the presence of a pig .. Climber , I'm not 100% sure about the 89 , so don't get your shorts in a wad
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