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  1. Exceptionally good article! Published Law, No Terrorist Funding, I.e., seized future funding,. This Law just might reduce corruption, as a side benefit! The type of watchdog system Iraq has needed for quite some time. Iraq has back Gold (Huge Oil Reserves), 137 Trillion cubic feet of natural Gas for liquid petroleum processing, South of Baghdad easily accessible near surface appears to be largest known deposit of Gold Gold mining ore deposit, thus also whistle gold, copper, platinum. Garden of Eden, origin of Babylon! Anyone can say as they wish, but Dinar less than 1/10 the penny. I don't see
  2. Appears to be a House Divided! Iraq vs Kurdistan region. Not sure exactly what the outcome will be, but either things between both sides will resolve quickly, or tensions between central and Kurds will escalate fast! It's not hard to see a "serious reaction" to eliminating Kurdish bank branches from the greenback auctions! Something serious is about to happen, and probably has been already planned, whatever the outcome. We'll know pretty quick concerning this move by Central! I'm sure of that!
  3. Thanks, Adam, and I do agree on the potential date on, or around Sept 21st. The Kurdish referendum should trigger reactions from Central Government. Unless, like they've done so many times past, drag their feet, disorganized, disunity, etc.. Iraq Gov. best take this referendum very serious! Either way, we should see action on HCL in some way.
  4. Several articles, multiple party system, trying to assess any positive impact this might make in stabilizing Iraq's political system! Not including one Christian party representation for the Kurdish Region in this multi-party process in the Iraqi government, I believe will drive the Kurdish region to proceed with their own Independent Separate Government. Why wouldn't they? I feel certain the Kurdish Region is taking this multi-political party plan for Iraq quite seriously, and especially not including Christians. The Kurds are Christian! Several articles claimed during Ramadan season that oil
  5. There is going to be US contractors in Iraq whether Iran likes it or not. Iran, and Iraq Shites will resist American influence for perhaps 2-3 years, and American security forces will continue for several years to prevent any erosion of the established objectives that have been accomplished in Iraq.
  6. Kurdish Independence is too early to prospect? The most likely scenario is an initial Dinar true rate, infrastructure rebuilding, investment from foreign sources will start occurring during the same time period Kurds attempting to secede from Iraq. Therefore, a lot positive things occurring while Kurds dividing from Central Government ? Most likely, Kurds will stay part of Iraq when all is done! The Dinar we hold will come out of program rate either way. So, don't worry, besides to divide and form a new government has got to be a long drawn out process internationally. By that time The Properi
  7. Thank You for the compliment SnowGlobe! So, atop all the politics and greed, and strife of big money, we have to deal with the religious strife as well! We all know, as Christians, the Muslims view us as infidels, to be eliminated so to speak. So, the Shite(Ali worship),Sunni(Allah worship), Kurds(Christians), well, what a mix in the brew! Then you have the politics, and big big big money in the mix! The Kurdish region, go figure, here they are in between Iran(Shite-Ali), and below their territory Regional Government a predominately Shite(Ali-God), mixed with a Sunni(Allah-God)! Most Muslims a
  8. For clarity, the differences in their religion is the Sunni's worship Allah , the Shites worship Ali. The Kurds are Christian! It all centers around the ancient city of Mecca! Therefore, as the confusion of The Quran between Shite's and Sunni's, and as well versus The Holy Bible religious beliefs of the Kurds, the Kurds have that much contention, and strife in dealing with the Federal Government of Baghdad. Not only do the Muslim Shite/Sunni's have religious divisions between their views of their own Worship differences. but the Kurds being predominately Christian, makes for a very contentious
  9. 10 billion pounds of British Investment! Wow! That's most likely initial investment. Yeah, I'd have to agree, the HCL might very well be complete for the British moving forward in Iraq and including infrastructure rebuilding.
  10. It's very apparent that post ISIS is there, we're at that milestone. Barzani is useing the ultimate strategy on behalf of the Kurdish Region, either an ironclad deal with Central Government now, implement a Solid Binding Contract, implement HCL article 140 Erbil agreement that's totally binding with detrimental implications in event of breach of that contact i.e. payments of proceeds required by that agreement on time scheduled periods, or in case of contract breach by Central to Kurdish state we then people of Kurdistan by contract breach will become our own Government. He is telling us, the
  11. I feel very confident based on these articles that the entire city of Mosul is liberated to the satisfaction of Iraqi Government standards! What's going on here is formalities with government officials participating in that respect! It's all good! Now, the final formality is April 30th being the date of formal declaration of total liberation of Mosul, and total stabilization security of entire government of Iraq! End of Daash, ISIS in this new democracy forever! That's apparently what's up! Next, is wrapping up the legality through parliament sessions early May of needed laws, most important o
  12. I agree. Iran's influence in Iraq is diminishing in Iraq, both with the downfall of Daash, Saudi's strategic support and influence with the US. Iran no doubt supports the adversaries. This is a good article.
  13. I agree with yota, it takes a lot for Kurdistan region to become an independent new Government Globally! Iraq is so close to being stabilized, unified, democracy, and many other facets to mention at the present time, I do not see Iraq becoming a House Divided again. The delegation this week from Kurdistan to Central, with recent articles showing prosperity even IQD, this meeting I suspect is likely finalizing HCL, and territorial boundaries mainly Kirkuk!
  14. It was June 27th, 3013, UN released Iraq from all articles of Chapter 7. I recall the article, that's the date we all were anticipating the CBI to move forward with Monetary Reform ! Now, they imply other apparent issues to release the UN completely from Chapter 7. What's confusing is just what are the remaining issues to exit Chapter 7? Perhaps implement HCL and Article 140? Anyone know? At least recent articles reveal currency is undervalued. Credit rating by Fitch upgraded to B+, Legislatures calling again for oil and gas law to be legislated a priority now! It's been a tough ride, waiting
  15. Note, There is also an article two days ago from CNBC news! That's US news, if you'd be interested, If I has an email of someone there with an iPhone, or iPhone text number, I'll send you that one too! It will really let everyone know just how close we are to RV. Hedge funds , new credit rating etc, all on CNBC network !
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